Talk reveals ‘Secrets of the Pitch’

In its primary fall event, the Yale Entrepreneurial Society hosted a panel of business professionals who spoke before the largest undergraduate showing in its history. The panel, whose members YES President Joe Walker ’09 said were able to relate well to the audience, discussed tricks of the trade and argued that, despite the current economic […]


Christmas, circa 1865

This Christmas, the Long Wharf Theatre will celebrate the holidays with the world premiere of Pulitzer Prize-winner Paula Vogel’s first musical, “Civil War Christmas.” “Civil War Christmas,” directed by Tina Landau, is the first play Vogel, — who came to the Yale School of Drama to be the adjunct Eugene O’Neill professor and the chair […]


Rain keeps Elis away from game

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Yale won a decisive victory over Princeton at the Yale Bowl on Saturday, but most students were not there to see it.Torrential downpours Saturday morning significantly reduced student turnout at the last home football game of the year — and, perhaps more importantly […]


Chimps, people think alike

Our closest genetic living relatives, the chimps, may not be so different from us after all. Scientists presented research on Sunday at a talk entitled “Primate Theory of the Mind,” suggesting that chimps may posses many of the same higher-order thinking patterns that humans do. Cognitive scientists have long since debated whether primates have the […]


Berkeley iron chefs No. 1

Berkeley College students can take pride in the Lo Mai Gai appetizer coming soon to Yale dining halls: After all, it was thought up by two of their own. The team from Berkeley — consisting of Sarah Diehl ’10 and Courtney Fukuda ’12 — took top honors in the Yale College Council’s first annual “Iron […]


Conn. rallies for Obama

BRIDGEPORT — Campaigning for what many are calling the most inspirational presidential candidate since his uncle was running, Ted Kennedy Jr. gave the keynote address at the largest Connecticut rally since early September in support of the Democratic presidential nominee, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois. The rally, held at the Mount Aery Baptist Church in […]


Comedy club to launch

When it opens on Saturday, the Joker’s Wild comedy club in Wooster Square will likely have the last laugh. After all, it will be the only such venue in the city. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”11698″ ] The club’s entertainment manager, John Calash, said Joker’s Wild will host high-energy comedy and jazz, and serve as a venue for […]


Briefly: Princeton Review to revise SAT courses

Princeton Review will revise their SAT-prep course in December based on the results of three years of research conducted by the company on patterns within the new SAT. The company’s research director said the research discovered that the SAT tests six rules of grammar, and a few hundred words have a high probability of appearing […]


PRISM broken, no fix in sight

Commencement 2008 was the final nail in the coffin for PRISM, the University’s only undergraduate organization for queer students of color. After struggling for years, the group’s membership dropped dramatically late last year with the graduation of PRISM’s upperclassmen — among them its main coordinator and much of its membership. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”11729″ ] Interest in […]


Elm City locals bemoan excess campus noise

At a meeting of the Downtown-Wooster Square Community Management Team on Thursday evening, Ward 7 Alderwoman Frances “Bitsie” Clark had little sympathy for city residents who showed up to complain to the committee about drunken, rowdy Yale students. “As annoyed as you are about these kids,” Clark told the assembled residents, “remember you were once […]


Before prom, a breathalyzer test?

Never mind the rush to rent tuxedos and pick out the perfect dress — local high-schoolers now have yet another thing to worry about before attending prom: passing the new breathalyzer test. The nearby towns of Milford and Trumbull are among 12 state school districts — out of a total 166 across Connecticut — that […]


Cityscape introduces Elm City

Many Yalies know that New Haven made the first pizza, but many don’t know that it was also home to the first lollipop, corkscrew, fire-sprinkler system and pay phone. But freshmen, new to Yale and to its hometown, learned these facts and many others at this weekend’s CityScape, an annual program aimed at introducing New […]