The Original

To get from Yale to Wooster Street, the short, quiet strip of a street that is known as New Haven’s land of pizza legend, you cross a bridge over the Metro-North tracks and pass through a tree-lined neighborhood dotted with churches and war memorials that list long columns of Italian surnames. The street is flanked […]


Profile – The Physician of Folk

“Look at your feet. Your feet are where home is.” Students and alums dressed in jeans, prairie dresses, and cowboy hats check their feet on the packed dirt floor. Dr. Bill Fischer surveys the crowd from his post. Standing on a heap of timber and leaning on the high rafters of the pavilion built just […]

Short Feature

Orpheus: Opera meets frat

What to do when there’s boredom on Olympus? Party it up in Hades. “Orphee aux Enfers,” or “Orpheus in the Underworld,” Jacques Offenbach’s 1858 answer to the solemnity of Greek mythology, is going up this weekend in a new production performed by students in the Yale School of Music’s opera program. The gloomy title of […]