Women in medicine eye equality

April 22, 2004
In the changing world of medicine, the Doctor no longer makes house calls and there is an increasing chance he will not be a he at all. Women reach greater heights in the medical field all the time — especially at the Yale School of Medicine, a renowned health care and research center boasting 269 »

Researchers explore source of hunger

April 15, 2004
A new study by Yale researchers has uncovered the physiological mechanism controlling appetite. The study discovered that neural pathways of an area of the brain governing appetite are under constant flux according to hormonal changes, and may account for why obesity treatments are largely unsuccessful. The study revealed the way Leptin, a hormone produced in »

Suits use Yale study tying PPA to strokes

April 9, 2004
Yale researchers who uncovered the correlation between the drug phenylpropanolamine, or PPA, and life-threatening strokes in 1999 are still feeling the resonating effects of their research, as the first of thousands of suits against the companies that produced PPA are finally being decided. PPA was the active ingredient in cold remedies such as Alka Seltzer »

New study links smoking and suicide

April 7, 2004
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. According to a new study conducted in part by a Yale researcher, daily smoking is significantly connected to suicide attempts and self-mutilation in teens hospitalized for psychiatric illnesses. The study, published in the most recent Journal of Adolescent Medicine, included 157 boys and »

University study shows how cells locate viruses

April 1, 2004
A new study conducted by Yale researchers has revealed the way in which human cells detect the presence of certain viruses. The study, published last week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows the important role a toll-like receptor (TLR), called TLR7, has in recognizing single-stranded RNA viruses. The receptors are located »

New researchers will join team to tackle crippling disease

March 31, 2004
A group of Yale researchers was recently awarded an $875,000 grant that will provide for a large-scale, multidisciplinary study of prevention and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. The grant, called the Collaborative Multiple Sclerosis Research Center Award, given by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, will allow three Yale scientists who are not currently working on Multiple »

Hospital alters bill system

March 30, 2004
Beginning late last week, the Yale-New Haven Hospital has instituted changes to its billing policy in order to further aid uninsured and under-insured patients. The hospital has established a “sliding scale discount program” that will provide care at reduced prices for patients with incomes from 250 percent of the Federal poverty level up to 350 »

Grocery funds blood sugar center

March 26, 2004
The Yale School of Medicine and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) recently announced that the Connecticut branch of the Stop and Shop Supermarket Company has become the corporate supporter of a hypoglycemia research center at Yale. The center, which incorporates researchers and resources from the Yale-New Haven Hospital, the Yale School of Medicine and »

Most pledged virigns break vow, still get STDs

March 25, 2004
A new study by a Yale researcher has shown why people were so surprised Jessica Simpson actually waited until her wedding night before having sex. The study, conducted in part by Dr. Hannah Brueckner, Yale associate professor of sociology, has shown that 88 percent of teens who pledge to remain virgins until marriage do not »

Students worry Med School dining hall may shut down

March 5, 2004
Yale graduate and professional students are voicing their concerns over the possible closing of Marigolds, the Yale School of Medicine cafeteria. With few dining options in the area, students said they rely on the cafeteria, which is currently under review by Yale officials for financial reasons. Graduate students said they are concerned about the effect »

New study directs stem cell growth

March 4, 2004
A recent study by Yale researchers has determined a new, more effective technique for guiding the development of neuronal cells by manipulating the environment in which the cells grow. This technique may be useful in the treatment of spinal cord injuries and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. W. Mark Saltzman, chair of the Yale »

Med schools’ minority enrollment stays low

March 1, 2004
According to a recent study by the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), the proportion of under-represented minority medical students has not increased nationwide since the early 1970s. But Yale School of Medicine administrators said the school’s enrollment reflects the ethnic diversity of the nation as a whole. The Yale School of Medicine has enrolled classes »