Government acts illogically by bargaining with aid

November 15, 2007 • 0
By usually focusing my columns on University issues, I spare myself from having to compete with the likes of the New York Times for idea originality and writing quality, and make sure that important University goings-on, even if not glamorous, are addressed. Nevertheless, this week’s News raises an important issue that affects Yale, but has »

Yale can help ease low-income awkwardness

November 28, 2006 • 0
A peasant girl is given the chance to go to the royal ball. Fortunate enough to have a fairy godmother to bedeck her in a fine gown and provide her with a coach and horses, she is spared the awkwardness and embarrassment of appearing in her proletarian rags. A fairy tale of princes and palaces »

Donations need not have names attached

November 7, 2006 • 0
According to Yale Tomorrow’s giving catalogue, it costs $50,000 to get your name on a weenie bin in the new CCL. Regardless of whether that’s a fair price, perhaps potential donors should be asking whether it’s worth adorning subterranean study rooms with their names at all. I don’t suggest that they reconsider their giving, but »

As it expands, Yale can’t lose sight of self

October 24, 2006 • 0
With the announcement of the Yale Tomorrow campaign, President Richard Levin has begun moving Yale by $100 million leaps and bounds toward becoming the pre-eminent international university. Even before it was one of four main areas of emphasis within the $3 billion capital campaign, the internationalization of Yale was one of Levin’s dearest projects. Yale »

Homophobes’ ‘coming out’ was eye-opening

October 12, 2006 • 0
“It is the closet that is our sin and our shame,” lesbian activist and publisher Barbara Grier said as she encouraged men and women to “come out.” Wednesday was National Coming Out Day, a day created to celebrate acceptance and openness with one’s identity and to recognize the understanding, love and positive feelings that are »

Yale Transit will offer shuttle service for break

November 17, 2004 • 0
Thanksgiving break means long drives and airport delays for some, but Yale Transit hopes to make the trip easier for students traveling home by train by running a shuttle service to New Haven’s Union Station. Yale Transit will be offering hourly service between Phelps Gate and the train station Nov. 19, 20 and 28 for »

Guerriero discusses gay issues

October 28, 2004 • 0
Though some have called his lifestyle a contradiction, Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans Patrick Guerriero discussed the reality of being both gay and Republican at a Calhoun College Master’s Tea Wednesday. In his talk, Guerriero said the Log Cabin Republicans are not endorsing President George W. Bush’s reelection because of Bush’s support of »

Cash-poor YCC drops fall show

October 7, 2004 • 0
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. In past years, Woolsey Hall drew crowds for performances by entertainers such as Jimmy Fallon and Darrell Hammond. But this fall, its stage is empty. The Yale College Council did not organize a performance this fall due to a lack of funds and »

Court limits SEIU lawsuit

October 5, 2004 • 0
Superior Court Judge Carl J. Schuman denied Yale-New Haven Hosptial’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought against it by the Service Employees International Union, but dismissed nine of the 15 counts brought against the hospital by SEIU. The suit is one of several challenging the hospital’s billing practices, the first of which was filed by »

Former first lady of Yale passes away

September 23, 2004 • 0
Toni Giamatti DRA ’60 was an actress, a mother, and the wife to former Yale President A. Bartlett Giamatti. But what she is perhaps best remembered for is her passion in the classroom during her tenure of more than 20 years at the Hopkins School in New Haven. She died on Saturday, and a private »

Students cry YIPPIE! for public sector funds

September 17, 2004 • 0
Benjamin Novick LAW ’06 is putting himself through law school while supporting his pregnant wife. But this summer, he was able to take an unpaid internship with the Office of the Public Defender of the New Haven Judicial District, in part because he received funds to help cover his living expenses from the Yale Incentive »

New club to bring Irish culture to campus

September 6, 2004 • 0
The Emerald Isle may be an ocean away, but some Yale students are looking to bring a bit of its culture to campus. Starting this semester, leaders of the newly formed Irish Students’ Association at Yale will attempt to familiarize students with the country. Founded by Colman Lynch ’05 and Bronson Commons ’07, both of »