Missions of Teacher Prep, TFA contrast

September 28, 2007 • 0
Each year, over 10 percent of Yale’s graduating senior class, more than a hundred students, apply for jobs with Teach for America. They are inspired by the program’s goal in fighting “our nation’s greatest injustice” — that education inequity persists along socioeconomic and racial lines. But though many undergraduate students show an interest in pursuing »

21st century poses challenge for archivists

September 18, 2007 • 0
Someday, a Yale senior might write her senior essay about your Facebook profile. Facebook messages and e-mails are replacing letters and handwritten notes as students’ main methods for communication, and the archivists at Yale’s Manuscripts and Archives collection are looking for new ways to keep records on the lives of Elis. Currently, the archives hold »

Smaller, quieter Yale exists in Virginia

September 7, 2007 • 2
No traffic lights, no trash collection, no high-speed Internet. Endless stretches of soybean and peanut fields line the horizon, only occasionally interrupted by modest Georgian-style homes. Yale, Va. — population 591 — is a long way from Yale University. In 1882, a University alum who was laying tracks for the Atlantic and Danville railroad in »

Librarians woo foreign booksellers

April 19, 2007 • 0
For Slavic and Eastern European Collections Curator Tatjana Lorkovic, building a relationship with Russian librarians is like a courtship, complete with trips to country homes in Siberian villages, meals in the garden and steamed baths with colleagues. Lorkovic said that in order to be successful at her job, which involves obtaining books from librarians and »

Program offers rare languages

April 11, 2007 • 0
Tok Pisin, Kinyarwanda, Oromo. To offer Yale students instruction in these and other esoteric languages, Directed Independent Language Study Director Maria Kosinski must first find someone in the New Haven area who speakes the language himself. Sometimes, this task is like throwing a pebble in the sea — she never knows where her message ends »

Party suites restrained

April 4, 2007 • 399
For the residents of Bookworld, Calhoun College’s “party suite,” the notification that the days of raging parties were over came from Calhoun Master Jonathan Holloway on the first weekend of the year. Changes in Yale’s new stance toward alcohol consumption have changed the meaning of living in a party suite, students said. “It’s more of »

Freshman counselors privy to academic info

March 30, 2007 • 0
Before freshmen arrive on campus, their counselors must guess as to what the they will be like, knowing just their name, hometown, facebook profile — and their roster of high school standardized test scores. Though freshman counselors are known most for carrying drunk freshmen to DUH and providing a knowledgeable fount of blue booking advice, »

Cultural houses have own diversity

March 6, 2007 • 0
Gabriel Monteros ’09 was at a loss when it came to cooking the scallion pancakes that were to be sold at the Chinese American Student Association’s Lunar New Year Celebration, but he wasn’t the only one. CASA President Mitchell Ji ’09 said Monteros’ limited knowledge of Chinese cooking had nothing to do with the fact »

YSFP holds workshops

February 14, 2007 • 0
First, chop cabbage, carrots, parsnips, beets and daikon radish, and pack them into a jar. Then add salt and spices such as dill, mustard and black pepper, or ginger, green onions and chili. Last, grind the submerged vegetables until you extract juice. “This is something that will feed you, calorically, and your immune system,” Mike »

Elm City attracts yuppies

February 9, 2007 • 0
To the average Yale student, New Haven may be just another small college town. But to some Connecticut residents, New Haven’s downtown has established itself as a “hip spot” that increasingly draws the state’s young people with fine dining and unique boutiques. This revitalized downtown has caught the attention of young professionals who want to »

UCS to focus on nonprofits in Feb.

February 2, 2007 • 0
Interviews at investment banks and consulting firms may have dominated the month of January, but February at Undergraduate Career Services is all about nonprofits. Based on the responses from last semester’s UCS Nonprofit Survey, UCS updated its homepage to include a Social Services and Advocacy section, increased the number of presenters at its Feb. 16 »

Events set to observe Roe

January 24, 2007 • 0
Yale’s Reproductive Rights Action League has planned a series of events this week to celebrate the 34th anniversary of the landmark United States Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortions. Roe v. Wade Week at Yale, which is co-sponsored by Yale Nursing Students for Choice and the Yale Medical Students for Choice, features »