Students for Justice in Palestine: Discriminatory evictions are real

Last week, Student for Justice in Palestine placed mock eviction notices in student dorms to call attention to one of the most abhorrent features of Israel’s occupation of Palestine: the demolition of Palestinian homes in the Occupied Territories. In response, Leah Sarna and Yishai Schwartz wrote an op-ed (“Evicting the truth,” April 24) that obfuscates »

Mumallah, Naimi, and Abdelgadir: A righteous struggle against autocracy

February 2, 2011
In 24 hours, Egypt changed the world. We do not know what the nation will look like three months or even three weeks from now — but we do know that we were wrong. As Americans, we were wrong to support a 30-year autocracy. It’s been seven days since the thousands of men and women, »

Mumallah and Outka: A perversion of justice

January 25, 2011
For two and a half years, Karen Sullivan played an integral role in the Twin Cities Anti-War Committee (AWC). She chaired meetings, made friends, and put in long hours into getting the work of the organization done. Her colleagues were sensitive to her privacy, refraining from further inquiry once they learned that she had a »