IREGBULEM: The cost of making money

April 19, 2013 • 0
Raising taxes causes people to work less, and therefore earn less.

IREGBULEM: Getting politics out of our money

January 18, 2013 • 0
As long as our political system is willing to dole out benefits and penalties as politicians see fit, people will be willing to spend large sums to control the flow of spending and regulation coming from the government.

IREGBULEM: Without the wage

October 22, 2012 • 10
Black youth unemployment sits at almost 40 percent. Overall black unemployment is around 14 percent. This is the case we face today, even though black unemployment in the 1930s and ’40s was actually lower than white unemployment. Isn’t it generally assumed that the economic situation of blacks has improved since then? What happened? The minimum »

Iregbulem: Black on black

February 25, 2011 • 4
You know, it’s flattering to be invited to attend screw. You have no idea who the person is, but at least you know his or her suitemates find you attractive. If I remember correctly, this school year I was invited to attend six different screws, ended up attending about three of them, and surprisingly only »