This year’s Colleges Against Cancer fashion show will begin at 9 p.m. in the Morse dining hall.

Colleges Against Cancer allies with local businesses

October 19, 2012
It is hard to imagine that frat boys, breast cancer and bow ties custom-made by a Yale student could have anything in common. But “Pretty in Pink” — the annual Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) fashion show to raise money and awareness for breast cancer — will bring them together tonight in the Morse dining hall. »
Museum curator Viktor Misiano related anecdotal challenges in adapting a “collaborative” approach to artistic presentation.

Curator outlines creative development

October 16, 2012
A Monday lecture at the School of Art exposed members of the Yale community to a myriad of anecdotes about the curating process: from the effect of political upheavals on art exhibits to an artist’s unforeseen decision to perform naked as a dog and to bite audience members. International curator and art critic Viktor Misiano, »

Office of Sustainability faces uncertain future

October 3, 2012
Following the premature departure of its director, Christine Eppstein Tang, the New Haven Office of Sustainability is evaluating its earlier initiatives to plan for the future of Elm City environmental efforts. The Office of Sustainability previously consisted of Tang and of Giovanni Zinn ’05, who served as a consultant from City Hall’s engineering department. While »
Students line up for lunch at an Indian food cart outside the School of Management. Street food has been an increasingly popular element in New Haven’s culinary scene.

Food trucks flock to New Haven

September 21, 2012
Jonathan Gibbons, owner of french fry vendor Fryborg and a newcomer to the New Haven food truck scene, bustled about his mobile kitchen on Thursday, flinging bacon bits and ruby tomatoes onto a mound of hand-cut crispy fries embellished with swirls of mayonnaise. For the finish, he impaled his BLT fries with a plastic fork »
A new exhibition featuring ephemera from the Yale Repertory Theatre and the Yale School of Drama opened on Aug. 27 at the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library.

Putting Yale drama in a global context

September 5, 2012
The Yale University Theatre’s play program on May 14, 1942, causally mentions, right at the end, a paragraph titled “Air Raid Instructions,” politely informing audience members to remain in their seats should a siren go off in the middle of the play. This anachronism is what sparked the idea for a collection of similar artifacts »