Endorsement: Steven Syverud

April 8, 2005 • 0
After carefully evaluating all candidates in this year’s field for YCC president, we believe that current YCC secretary Steven Syverud is the best person for the job. Having served many years on the YCC, we watched Steven emerge as a leader. He has an impressive record of achievements, a comprehensive vision for undertaking new projects »

Run for YCC, take the time to vote next week

January 16, 2004 • 0
Hot off the press: The Yale College Council condemns North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Wait. This isn’t 1992, the last time the YCC made a ridiculous statement dealing with national policy and demonstrating its lack of relevance. Now, in 2004, being a YCC member means working on projects that are appropriate to its purview and »

Want to find out what YCC can do for you? Then vote.

January 23, 2003 • 0
It is time for Yale College Council representative elections again. But for most Yale students, this means very little. Last fall, exactly one-quarter of the Yale student body exercised its right to vote in YCC representative elections. The year before, the number was 24 percent. In campuswide spring officer elections, the number has not been »