Freedom should not be the cost of ‘stability’

April 2, 2007 • 0
We write to applaud Xiaochen Su’s column (“True democracy cannot spring up overnight,” 3/27) for bringing up an important topic of debate, but also to caution that the column’s point of view comes dangerously close to being an apology for every brutal and repressive regime that cloaks itself in the garb of benevolent realism. Su’s »

Choe ’07 relished his friendships, classes

December 1, 2005 • 0
This Monday, Saybrugians began the last week of their fall semester on a sad note. Dean McKinley informed us that Wook Choe ’07, a fellow classmate, passed away after a long illness on Nov. 18. I was neither Wook’s best friend at Yale nor an especially close buddy. We took a course together spring semester »

Six resolutions or 300, YCC is still worthwhile

April 18, 2005 • 0
The Yale College Council, always an interesting organization, has been especially entertaining over the past few weeks. Indeed, so entertaining that I am inclined to attribute the unprecedented voter turnout in last week’s officer elections to the fact that the undergraduate student body has never before been so regaled by the antics of the presidential »