McClure Plays McDonald’s

In the Financial District of Manhattan, the McDonald’s at 160 Broadway serves the usual hamburger fare. As cashiers at the first-floor register process orders within moments, Ron McClure contemplates his view from the crow’s nest window at his leisure, before sounding the piano keys of his next song. McClure’s jazz is anything but processed. And […]



As you plan for your release from prison, make sure you have some form of identification: a voter registration card, a birth certificate or social security card, and — the following is implied — a standard salutation by which you’ll present yourself. This is what I learn when I first open the “Pre-Release Guide to […]


MAGAZINE | Video: New Haven Reentry Roundtable

Reporter Nicole Levy talks to Timothy Rinaldi about his conviction record and life after incarceration for her Magazine feature on New Haven’s Reentry Roundtable, a coalition that works to help ex-offenders rebuild their lives.


Yale Daily News Magazine: New Haven Reentry Roundtable


Long Wharf Theater stays by its namesake

After contemplating a move to downtown New Haven in the dim light of the nation’s economic downturn, the Long Wharf Theatre has instead opted to renovate its current home. The Tony Award-winning regional theater near New Haven Harbor, known for its imaginative revivals and premieres, has extended its lease to 2022. Since January 2009, the […]


Confirming Kagan’s Ambition, Unraveling My Own

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan once smoked cigarettes in the bathrooms at our high school. I imagine her seated on a toilet lid, hand cradling the tobacco stem, long, stringy hair curtaining her face and eyes behind wire-rimmed aviators cast on the opposite wall. She must have spent that time, arterioles flooded with nicotine, exhaling […]

Personal Essay

To her Carillon

I sit across the subway car from me, my splayed fingers mask the jacket of the book in hand. An ace in our hole she told us, but the folds of our brain are spooled reels unwound in tight canisters. We hate a crowded car, a thicket of commuters grown while we were browsing pages. […]


A Storyteller’s Tale

Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez ’07 is editing an account of his first kiss as if stripping a jawbreaker down to its white core. The Yale alumnus sits beside me in Park Slope’s Southpaw club, a trendy dive and the venue for this evening’s storytelling competition, the Moth StorySLAM. While any contender can brave the audience’s judgment, the […]


Studio Space – Preserving Madness

“Madness, madness, wahr” erupts tonight in Yale’s Afro-American Cultural Center. Linton Kwesi Johnson, a father to poetic spoken word, is performing “Five Nights of Bleeding” at the podium. He comes to the refrain: … it’s War amongs’ the rebels Madness, madness, war He says “war” like “wahr,” enunciating the word with righteous disdain and the […]

Short Feature

My Yale – The Et Cetera Around the Corner

On the peeling placard that reads “Neverending Books,” the grain of the wood punctuates white words as if to convey a sense of understatement. Browsers in this bookstore and community space are welcomed by the bibliophile’s pheromone: the scent of decaying tomes. I am aroused by the fragrance and aghast that these books are unattended, […]

Short Feature