ART REVIEW | Abstract art exhibited in office building

It’s 5 o’clock on a Monday afternoon and the light is fading over the city. In the lobby of the fourth floor of the New Alliance Bank building at 195 Church Street, Sue Hardy crosses a corridor, casting an eye over the 13 paintings and sculptural pieces hung on the walls. Hardy works in the […]


On the ground: Super Bowl snapshots

At 7:52 p.m., the Saybrook 12-pack erupted. There were 18 seconds left on the clock in the second quarter of Super Bowl XLIII. Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner took the hike from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ one-yard line, found space in the pocket and slanted a short pass into the end zone. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”11268″ ] It […]


Beavers examines aesthetics of art, cinema

Can the aesthetic dimension ever liberate? What place does the aesthetic have in great cinema? For experimental filmmaker Robert Beavers, the answer is clear: “[Cinema] can be like listening to the music of a composer you don’t know, it doesn’t mean you have to understand,” he said in an interview with the News on Monday. […]


Israeli general draws protests

WOODBRIDGE, Conn. — The Middle East conflict hit home Tuesday afternoon as protesters gathered to demonstrate outside the Joseph E. Slifka Center for Jewish Life. Their cause: Gaza. Their target: retired Israeli Airforce Brigadier General Nechemia Dagan. Dagan was invited to Yale to speak about Israel’s invasion of the Palestinian-occupied Gaza Strip, a conflict renewed […]


Elm City’s art world braces for recession

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeting, declarations of a recession and Mayor John DeStefano Jr.’s grim warnings, the New Haven art world has been worried about the growing financial crisis and how it will affect the scene here in Connecticut. In the uncertain economic atmosphere, several members of the arts community interviewed expressed fear […]


Wasilla ‘appalled’ by election results

On a clear and cold day in Wasilla, the afternoon sun was just setting over the Alaskan plains as the final ballots were being counted. But many residents were in the dark, or at least refused to believe, what was an impending reality an hour before midnight EST: Sen. Barack Obama had won the presidency, […]


Hometown mayor lauds Palin

WASILLA, Alaska — Before Tuesday’s election, the News sat down with Verne Rupright, the mayor of the Alaskan town where the Republican vice-presidential nominee, Gov. Sarah Palin, formerly served as mayor. QHow have people reacted to Palin’s vice presidential nomination? [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”11662″ ] AOut here in our end of the state, very well. Doing a […]


ART REVIEW | Exhibit melds genres

Head down to Haskins Laboratories at 300 George St. for an interdisciplinary extravaganza. Here, science meets art — and with astounding results. Perhaps suitable for a lab that professes to study the science of the spoken and written word, the new exhibition “Intricacies: Extreme Detail in Current Art” explores webs and complexities in the work […]


A trip to Palin country

WASILLA, Alaska — The Great Bear Brewery is famous for its “good beer, good chow, good company.” At least that is what Chris, a taxi driver who came here from South Carolina in the ’80s, said. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”11678″ ] Inside the bar, big families and bearded men enjoyed hearty, fist-sized burgers served on sack cloth […]


Burbank continues bid

FARMINGTON, Conn. — Even though third-party candidates have been denied access to the 2008 presidential debates, all the congressional candidates in Connecticut’s 5th District met here last night for their only debate before next Tuesday’s elections. While many consider Connecticut a securely Democratic state, the debate at Farmington High School — which included the this […]


Alum shares Eskimo tales

“Udak” is an Inuit greeting, something like the English “good morning.” About 50 children and adults gathered at the Peabody Museum of Natural History on Monday afternoon at the feet of John Houston ’75, master storyteller and arctic adventurer, rolling the word off their tongues. Some were barely old enough to speak but “Udak” rang […]


Art review: Conn. artists gain art space

For its eclectic choice of artists and its accessible aesthetic, New Haven’s Artspace has become one of the most visited and diverse galleries in Connecticut. For 11 years, the gallery has hosted the Citywide Open Studios Project, which allows visitors to view artists’ works in their own studios. Artspace’s new exhibition, CONNCentric, focuses only on […]