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January 25, 2006 • 0
We are proud to support Hugh Baran ’09 and Cynthia Okechukwu ’08 for Ward 1 co-chairs. We appreciate Baran and Okechukwu’s demonstrated belief in progressive values, their continuing energetic pursuit of worthy political and humanitarian causes and their commitment to reforming the Ward 1 Committee to create a more open and democratic process. Most importantly, »

A project too valuable to hold up

November 3, 2005 • 35
The Yale-New Haven Hospital Cancer Center is not only the biggest development project in New Haven history — it is hands-down the most important. Aside from treating 7,000 cancer patients every year, the $430 million project will generate over $1 billion in economic activity and 1,200 new jobs in a city with roughly 5,000 people »