Ward 10 Alderman Justin Elicker, left, proposed a successful amendment to streamline the Board’s federal funding approval process.

Committee passes federal funding proposal

April 12, 2012
In a joint committee meeting Wednesday night, aldermen debated the final budget for New Haven’s share of federal Community Development Block Grants. The Board of Aldermen’s joint community development and human services committee approved several amendments to Mayor John DeStefano Jr.’s budget for the grants, sending its final budget to be debated before the entire »
Occupy New Haven won an injunction from a federal appeals court Tuesday shortly after the city began bulldozing the encampment.

Occupy escapes eviction

April 11, 2012
Less than 30 minutes after police began bulldozing the Occupy New Haven encampment on the New Haven Green, city officials were forced to halt the eviction when a federal appeals court issued an injunction allowing the protest to survive at least another week. City officials first started preparing to evict the protesters on Monday after »
A federal judge has ruled that the city has the authority to require that Occupy New Haven leave the Green.

City wins in Occupy case

April 10, 2012
Nearly six months after Occupy New Haven set up camp on the Green, federal judge Mark Kravitz ruled that the city has the right to evict the protest. In a decision released Monday afternoon, Kravitz ruled that the city acted within its rights when it asked protesters to leave the Green last month. Unless a »
A proposal for the city’s new ward map was unveiled at a meeting Wednesday, but the final version is yet to come.

New ward lines begin to emerge

April 5, 2012
The city’s future political map began to take shape at a meeting of the Board of Aldermen’s special redistricting committee Wednesday. By city charter, aldermen must redraw the lines that define the city’s wards by a May deadline, and the special redistricting committee took public testimony Wednesday night on its first draft of a new »
Aldermen on the finance committee continued the Board's process of hammering out a final budget for the city's next fiscal year.

City budget process kicks into gear

April 4, 2012
At Tuesday night’s finance committee meeting, the Board of Aldermen’s budgeting process for the next fiscal year gained momentum. Aldermen heard testimony from representatives of various city departments at the meeting regarding their 2012-’13 budgets and considered the best way to allocate New Haven’s budget in the wake of an economic recession. While most departments »
Ward 1 Alderwoman Sarah Eidelson ’12, left, and Ward 7 Alderman Doug Hausladen ’04 will have to negotiate new ward boundaries due to the city charter-mandated redistricting process now underway.

Aldermen begin redrawing wards

March 30, 2012
Whether Ward 1 remains the Board of Aldermen’s “Yale ward” may depend on how closely local politicians wish to follow the letter of the law. Aldermen debated the rules governing the city’s redistricting process and began to redraw ward lines at a special committee meeting Thursday evening. By city charter, the Board must produce and »
Occupy's fate was discussed in a Wednesday hearing.

Federal judge hears Occupy case

March 29, 2012
Federal judge Mark Kravitz heard arguments from Occupy New Haven, City Hall and the New Haven Green’s legal proprietors today in a lawsuit that Occupy protesters encamped on the Green hope will protect them from eviction. Norm Pattis, Occupy’s attorney, argued before Kravitz that the regulations governing the Green, where the protesters first settled on »
Occupy New Haven, which has sued to keep their place on the Green, was given a 10-day extension by a judge who will hear their case today.

Occupy receives extension

March 28, 2012
Whether or not Occupy New Haven emerges victorious from a court hearing today in the protest’s suit to remain on the Green, the encampment will stay put for at least another 10 days. In a Tuesday afternoon phone conference, U.S. Federal Judge Mark Kravitz told representatives from the protest movement and City Hall that Occupy »
A lawsuit by Occupy New Haven protesters has raised questions over the Green’s ownership.

Who owns the New Haven Green?

March 23, 2012
On Wednesday, March 14, members of Occupy New Haven waited anxiously for the New Haven Police Department to march onto the Green and forcibly remove their encampment, the last of its kind in New England. But as the clock struck noon, the deadline set by City Hall for tents to be off the Green, the »

Community groups vie for funding

March 23, 2012
Representatives from nonprofits across the Elm City made their case for a slice of federal money before the Board of Aldermen Thursday night. Nearly 30 groups appeared in front of the Board’s joint community development and human services committee, asking for money in the form of federal Community Development Block Grants to support their organizations. »
Because of redistricting, state representative district lines now cut through Ward 1, home to Old Campus and eight residential colleges. The “Yale Ward” may split as a result as aldermen redraw the map.

In redistricting, shape of Ward 1 hangs in balance

March 21, 2012
New Haven’s political map will likely look different in two months. The Board of Aldermen’s special committee on ward redistricting held its second meeting at City Hall Tuesday night to hear residents’ concerns over the redistricting process currently underway. As the committee redraws the boundaries between the city’s 30 wards, it could potentially split Ward »
The Connecticut State Capitol building in Hartford.

Jobs Plan sails toward passage

March 20, 2012
With the approval of a key committee in Hartford, Senate Democrats’ “Jobs Plan” is a step closer to passage. Last week, the General Assembly’s Commerce Committee, of which Democrats are a majority, approved the employment plan, first proposed by state Senate leadership in January. The bill will now head back to the full General Assembly, »
Ella Wood ’15, who previously lost the Democratic primary election in September, has dropped
out of the race for Ward 7 Alderman.