HOLSTON: Ensuring the right to vote

October 12, 2012
I’d like to think I’ve voted in every national election since 2000, though technically those were my father’s votes and I merely pressed the button. Each time, as I prepared to fill out his ballot, I relished the idea that politicians had to pay attention to our concerns, because the key to their jobs was »

HOLSTON: Move the debate forward

October 4, 2012
Last night, former Governor Mitt Romney told us he “loves” Big Bird. He also likes green energy and PBS. But when it comes to his policies, Romney supports none of these things. His performance was a desperate attempt to pander to potential swing voters. But it lacks the support of nuanced policy proposals. Going into »

CROSBY AND HOLSTON: An engaged Democratic Committee in Ward 1

January 27, 2012
This first month of 2012 marks a particularly exciting time in both Ward 1 and New Haven politics. On campus, we just completed an aldermanic election with unprecedented voter turnout — a nearly semester-long process of thinking and talking about what it means to live out our dual identities as students at Yale University and »

LETTER: An alderman’s role

October 27, 2011
Colin Ross’s recent column (“Candidates neglect policing,” Oct. 26) was frustrating to read. Ross’s portrayal of Vinay Nayak’s view that “the mayor and police chief should be the only ones directing how cops fight crime” is misstated. The Board of Aldermen should always have a clear voice in advocating for policing reform, which involves cops »