Officials, experts consider effects of federal funding cuts on city

February 17, 2005 • 0
City officials gathered in City Hall last night to discuss the impact of President George W. Bush’s ’68 $2.57 trillion budget on New Haven programs. Experts and advocates from across the state gave presentations on how the cuts in federal funding will reduce the city’s programs for childcare, health care and housing. Approximately 17 percent, »

Streets’ new book to explore religious roots of University

February 15, 2005 • 0
There was a time when people didn’t watch Paris Hilton religiously. There was a time when religion was followed religiously. University Chaplain Frederick Streets, in a new book titled “Preaching in the New Millenium, Celebrating the Tercentennial of Yale University,” documents the rich religious history at Yale, from its pious roots through today. The book »

Bush budget angers some city officials

February 11, 2005 • 0
New Haven may face significant reductions in grants for law enforcement, housing and community development next year if the recommendations contained in President Bush’s recent budget proposal are followed. New Haven city officials and community service groups spoke against the proposed funding cuts. Mayor John DeStefano Jr.’s deputy chief of staff Rob Smuts ’01 said »

Aldermen may control parking fee

February 4, 2005 • 0
More than 100 community members attended a public hearing yesterday to voice their opinions on proposed legislation that would give the Board of Aldermen the ability to regulate the parking rates of independent institutions. The legislation committee, chaired by Ward 1 Alderman Ben Healey, heard testimony from a variety of authorities including officials from the »

Church of Christ in Yale pastor wins prestigious award

February 1, 2005 • 0
Rev. Samuel Slie DIV ’52 ’63 was presented with the Gandhi, King, Ikeda Community Builders prize Friday at the Afro-American Cultural Center. Presented by Dean Lawrence Edward Carter Sr. of Morehouse College, the award was given to Slie, associate pastor of the Church of Christ in Yale for 37 years, for his leadership in education »

Old city buildings are tested for lead paint

February 1, 2005 • 0
As part of a renewed enforcement effort in New Haven, the Environmental Protection Agency has ordered $80,000 in repairs in 31 city apartments contaminated with lead paint. The Chelsea Company must replace 200 hazardous windows over three years in properties at 1275 Chapel St., 80 Howe St. and several buildings on Dwight Street — some »

Divinity School appoints new historical theology professor

February 1, 2005 • 1
The Yale Divinity School and the Department of Religious Studies appointed Denys Turner, a University of Cambridge theologian, to a senior position in historical theology Friday, after a two-year international search. Turner will assume his new position effective July 1. An authority on medieval theologians, he has been the Norris-Hulse Professor of Divinity at Cambridge »

City looks for solutions to homelessness

January 27, 2005 • 0
Sal Forgione Jr. stops by the Dunkin’ Donuts on Church and Center streets most nights. But unlike most other customers, Forgione spends his days sitting in front of the courthouse on Elm Street asking for change — his home on the corner is nothing more than a bench in a bus stop. Forgione’s case is »

Church worries about effects of coming split

January 25, 2005 • 0
Following the recent announcement that the Church of Christ in Yale will become non-denominational next fall, members of the United Church of Christ have expressed disappointment and concern about the impending separation. The CCY — begun in 1757, and a member of the United Church of Christ since 1961 — is the oldest college church »

Yale to reform campus religion

January 20, 2005 • 0
Following the recommendations of a University committee, Yale officials are searching for ways to implement wide-ranging reforms to religious life on campus, including increased support for the Protestant and Muslim communities and additional space for campus religious groups. The University Council Committee on Religious Life, which presented its confidential report to Yale President Richard Levin »

Church backs gay rights by calling off weddings

January 19, 2005 • 0
New Haven’s St. Thomas Episcopal Church will not perform any marriage ceremonies in order to voice their support of gay marriage, the church announced late last week. In the wake of the decision, the church, led by Fr. Michael Ray, has received national media attention, but, following an administrative meeting Monday night, officials at St. »

Activists protest Iraq war on city green

January 18, 2005 • 0
Standing in front of a 60-foot wall inscribed with the names of all the soldiers who have died in Iraq, more than 80 people gathered on the New Haven Green Saturday in an antiwar protest. Various activist groups gathered to criticize the amount of money and lives spent on a war that they believe is »