ZELINSKY: Criticizing real Republicans

November 7, 2011
Occasionally, a columnist writes in these pages to refresh the campus’s political compass. He attempts to use the News to tack the ship of debate from reasoned discussion to hyperbole. This journalistic broadside goes down with a whimpering bang. It looks like Yale has a new rhetorical helmsman — I might soon be out of »

ZELINSKY: The taste of Halloween

October 31, 2011
Apparently, the student body thinks “demeaning costumes and parties” are “cool.” Thankfully, the Intercultural Affairs Council (IAC) distributed fliers this past Halloween weekend advising the Yale community that such getups and get-togethers are not, in fact, cool. On behalf of tonight’s partygoers, thank you — we now know it is a poor idea to follow »

ZELINSKY: An aldermanic debate recap

October 25, 2011
In Monday night’s YPU-YDN-Dems-sponsored debate, the Ward 1 aldermanic candidates displayed some shocking tactical blunders: Each lost the votes of those opposed to engagement in New Haven and gay rights. Both spurned the valuable Republican coalition with their rejection of Occupy Occupy. And Sarah Eidelson ’12 used much too much humor. For all its platitudes, »

LETTER: Defending the Buckley fetish

October 19, 2011
Sadly, I never knew William F. Buckley ’50. But it is a greater loss that Scott Stern ’15 will never meet him. Stern’s recent column “The Buckley Fetish” (October 18th), though misguided, provides an instructional moment in which to revisit the legacy of a great mind. When examining someone as prolific as Buckley, reasonable respect »

ZELINSKY: The academy’s moral duty

October 17, 2011
Universities are the unique curators of knowledge and the incubators of new ideas. In these capacities, they have produced treatises and educated future generations to countless benefits that cannot be summed succinctly. The students and faculty of these schools, including Yale, enjoy certain privileges, such as unbridled free speech, because, it is argued, only in »

ZELINSKY: Ward 1 for Yalies

October 7, 2011
Ostensibly, Yalies will go to the polls in a month to elect a Ward 1 alderman. In reality, low registration and low voter turnout means that a radical fringe group will decide who represents students on the Board of Aldermen. Most of us choose to vote in our hometowns instead of New Haven for a »

ZELINSKY: True to the core

September 12, 2011
I wrote this column, slept and re-read it the next morning. After reflecting on the thoughts below, I think they are a necessary addition to the memorial vigil held on Cross Campus on Sunday. I deeply respect President Levin and all the others who spoke on that night. Our president showed tremendous courage. He spoke »

ZELINSKY: Give Roger his due

September 7, 2011
Yale will break ground on two new residential colleges in 2013. Before the construction crews start, the administration will determine the names of colleges number 13 and 14. A cacophony of alumni, faculty and student voices will join in with their thoughts in an attempt to influence the University’s image and symbolic priorities. In order »

ZELINSKY: Soaking Yale

August 30, 2011
This summer, New Haven saw its own version of a troubling national trend: soak the rich, in order to balance a broken budget. Facing a municipal piggy bank emptied by years of reckless spending, the Board of Aldermen proposed revisiting a 1990 agreement between the city and Yale, one that closed parts of High and »

Zelinsky: Censoring speech at Yale

April 22, 2011
Last Monday, I wrote in the Yale Daily News critiquing Alderman Mike Jones ’11 and his conception of the Ward 1 aldermanship (“Taking our alderman to task,” April 17). The same day, a series of anonymous posters around campus accused me of “classism” and “racism,” among other charges. As President Obama would say, this is »

Zelinsky: Taking our alderman to task

April 17, 2011
This past week, Alderman Michael Jones ’11 reintroduced his living wage proposal, which would increase minimum wages from $12 to $14.67 an hour for employees of companies with New Haven city contracts. This legislation will hurt taxpayers and workers at a time when neither can afford it. Instead of focusing on these types of flashy »

Zelinsky: Responding to the wall of lies

March 25, 2011
On Wednesday, the David Horowitz Center published a full-page advertisement in the Yale Daily News and other college newspapers in order to combat Israel Apartheid Week. The splashy ad was entitled “Wall of Lies,” and detailed falsifications on the part of the anti-Israel movement. In response, on the same day, the Slifka Center at Yale »