ZELINSKY: History, rewritten

August 27, 2014
In Saturday’s freshman address, President Peter Salovey revisited the Woodward Report, a document that has nobly articulated the defense of free speech in academia for the past four decades.

ZELINSKY: In memory of Dahl

February 7, 2014
Yesterday, we lost a great American, an outstanding scholar and an unparalleled Yalie. We mourn Robert Dahl, who passed away at 98. Over the coming days, many will note Dahl’s distinguished service in the Second World War, for which he received the Bronze Star. Others will review his impressive scholarship, including the groundbreaking study and »

ZELINSKY: A constant conversation

April 22, 2013
Our job is to take the Yale we love, that constant conversation, and transplant it into wherever we live.

ZELINSKY: The need for reassurance

April 8, 2013
If you're anxious about society, you're not alone.

ZELINSKY: What is the college for?

March 4, 2013
We are rarely told to find a higher purpose — beyond our own success — for which we should strive.

ZELINSKY: The culture of Yale College

February 18, 2013
Grade inflation is the symptom of our undergraduate culture.

ZELINSKY: For a capable armed forces

February 11, 2013
The same gung-ho interventionist wants to shake the military-industrial behemoth for loose change with which to fund domestic agenda items.

ZELINSKY: The age of personality

February 4, 2013
So, in our leaders, we want to see those quirks and whimsical mannerisms that make someone a real person, not just a party hack.

ZELINSKY: An invitation to the Corporation

January 28, 2013
And, in addition to the issue of optics, how can the Corporation make informed decisions about Yale if they divorce themselves from campus?

ZELINSKY: Marriage equality after the ruling

January 14, 2013
The result may contain silver linings for the LBGTQ cause.

ZELINSKY: Intellectual doomsday?

November 26, 2012
The fact that people want to see Lincoln, a movie that forces them to think, suggests that Americans rise to the occasion when given the intellectual opportunity.

ZELINSKY: Remember the institutionalist

November 12, 2012
While I might disagree with some of Levin’s more specific and recent policies, the bottom line is that he grew the University in tremendous ways. But I am afraid that time will forget him.