Time is now to divest from Sudan holdings

April 28, 2005
In September 2004, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell used the G-word. He declared that the government-sponsored and janjaweed militia-executed campaign of targeted displacement, rape and mass murder in the western Sudanese region of Darfur was tantamount to genocide under the criteria of the Genocide Convention. Just last week, the Senate unanimously passed the bipartisan Darfur »

In honor of International Women’s Day, take a stand for Darfur

March 4, 2005
Armed men on horseback, members of the government-supported Janjaweed militia, have been riding into villages in order to commit genocide in the Darfur province of Western Sudan for over a year. They are often accompanied by soldiers in trucks or aircraft in their mission to burn down homes, kill men and rape women. This March »