Legislature reaches gun compromise

April 2, 2013
Over three months after Newtown, state legislators announced a bipartisan compromise Monday on new gun restrictions.

State releases details in Sandy Hook shootout

March 29, 2013
Spurred by pressure from lawmakers, the Chief State’s Attorney’s office released new details Thursday from its ongoing investigation of the Newtown shooting.

State looks to protect disabled from sexual assault

March 28, 2013
New legislation currently being debated in Hartford could expand the enforceability of sexual assault charges.
Neil Heslin, whose son was killed in the Newtown shooting, testified at a legislative gun-control hearing in January.

Lawmakers call for Newtown investigation report

March 26, 2013
Details began to leak from the ongoing police investigation into the Sandy Hook shooting over the last few months.

Compromise sought in state gun proposals

March 6, 2013
The state Legislature took a major step forward on Tuesday in passing gun violence and mental health services legislation.

CT looks to tighten Medicaid eligibility

March 5, 2013
The federal government rejected Connecticut’s proposal to tighten its standards for Medicaid eligibility Friday.

State braces for sequester impact

March 1, 2013
In light of massive federal spending cuts due to take effect today, Connecticut public programs are facing unprecedented budget reductions.

Taskforce pushes school security, mental health

February 28, 2013
Two months after the shooting at Sandy Hook, state legislators are moving forward with efforts to fortify Connecticut schools against future threats.

Impatient, Malloy offers gun proposal

February 25, 2013
After the state Legislature announced that it would likely not deliver its gun-control recommendations by the end of this month, Gov. Dannel Malloy released his own comprehensive package of proposals last Thursday.

Malloy proposes new energy policy

February 21, 2013
Gov. Dannel Malloy released a long-awaited comprehensive energy strategy for the state of Connecticut on Tuesday.
Malloy Poll

Malloy wins his highest approval

February 19, 2013
Gov. Dannel Malloy earned his highest job approval rating to date in a new poll released last week.

Malloy calls for expanded education funding

February 15, 2013
Gov. Dannel Malloy is asking the State Legislature to approve a spending increase to fund the hallmark programs in an education package it passed last May.