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Invisible: Disability at Yale


Sequester squeezes scientists

Six months after the sequester slashed the budgets of national science organizations, Yale’s scientists say they are feeling a tangible impact.


CT lawmakers favor diplomacy in Syria

Connecticut’s congressional delegation, skeptical of President Barack Obama’s planned military strike against Syria, welcomed his proposal to delay a Senate vote on the strike.


Elicker dominates Yale’s Ward 1

Despite Toni Harp’s ARC ’72 overwhelming victory in Tuesday’s Democratic mayoral primary, Justin Elicker FES ’10 SOM ’10 decisively won over Ward 1’s Yale voters.


2014 gubernatorial race gets underway

The contest to win the Connecticut governor’s mansion in 2014 has begun, and the race is wide open.


Use of child mental health care services varies between school districts

Though Connecticut has one of the most robust child mental health care systems in the nation, many of the state’s services are underused.


CT medical marijuana regulations approved

A 14-member legislative panel approved regulations for the sale of medical marijuana Tuesday evening.


Plane crashes into East Haven home, kills at least four

A mini plane carrying at least two passengers crashed into an East Haven home Friday morning en route to Tweed-New Haven Airport, according to The New Haven Register. The pilot, 55-year-old Bill Henningsgaard of Medina, Wash., had been flying his 17-year-old son Maxwell to visit Yale, the next stop on a nation-wide college tour. At approximately 11:25, half a […]


New Haven man attacks occupant of off-campus apartment

A New Haven resident broke into a University-owned, off-campus apartment on Edgewood Avenue near Park Street and assaulted one of its occupants late Friday afternoon, according to a New Haven Police Department press statement. The man, Kenneth Jackson, 52, whose address is listed as a homeless shelter on Grand Avenue, knocked on the victim’s door and asked her whether she might help […]


S&P downgrades city bond rating to BBB+

Standard & Poors’s, one of the nation’s three bond ratings agencies, announced on Thursday that it has downgraded New Haven’s bond rating to BBB+ from A-. The Elm City has seen its bond ratings at all three major agencies fall recently, due to budget deficits and high fixed costs from pension obligations. Citing similar monetary concerns, Moody’s downgraded the city […]


Kedem quits Anthony Weiner mayoral campaign

In a significant blow to New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, Danny Kedem — Weiner’s campaign manager — quit on Saturday, The New York Times reported. Kedem, who gained recognition by guiding New Haven Mayor John Destefano to his 10th term in office, quit after news broke of Weiner’s continued lewd online conduct just two years after […]