Garvin talks WTC site development

November 18, 2002 • 0
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. For architecture professor Alexander Garvin, working with the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation is a chance to restore the heart of the “world’s second home” and prove the resilience of American life. In a lecture Friday at the Yale University Art Gallery, Garvin articulated »

University Press prints out top books

December 7, 2001 • 0
George Parmly Day, Class of 1897, and his wife, Wilhelmine, founded the Yale University Press in 1908. Over 90 years and 7,000 titles later, the Press has grown into a fully-fledged department of the University, with offices in New Haven and London. The Yale University Press has developed a reputation as one of the top »

The ‘Sooty Six’ are targets of new laws

December 5, 2001 • 0
The “Sooty Six” hardly need an introduction to environmental activists in Connecticut. The thermal power plants located in Bridgeport, New Haven, Middletown, Norwalk, Montville and Milford have come under increasing public scrutiny due to the pollution they cause. But it now seems that the Sooty Six will be cleaning up their act. New legislation to »

ACLU official talks about women’s rights

December 4, 2001 • 0
Lenora Lapidus had one message she wanted her audience to take away with them Monday night. “We want to take the rights we have fought hard to establish and bring it to the women who need them, namely women of low-income groups and women of color,” she said. As part of the Arthur Liman Public »

Families of police, firefighters to get $11,000

November 30, 2001 • 0
Two months after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, New Haven safety officials did their part to aid the families of their fallen colleagues. On November 11th, a fund-raiser organized by New Haven public safety employees raised more than $11,000. The money will be given to the families of workers in »

UHS sees increased demand for flu vaccine

November 28, 2001 • 0
Flu shots are always in demand for people attempting to guard against the illness, but this year anthrax scares have made people even more attuned to disease prevention. Although the demand for the influenza vaccine is higher at Yale and across the country this year, experts said they expect there to be enough vaccine to »

Environmentalists protest ‘Sooty Six’ plants

November 26, 2001 • 0
Four hundred deaths per year, childhood asthma attacks, climate change and mercury contaminated fish. These are some of the charges that have been brought against Connecticut’s “Sooty Six” power plants by state environmentalists. On Friday Nov. 16, New Haven for Clean Air, a coalition of Yale Green Corps, grassroots environmental groups and community members, threw »

DEA head debates pro-legalization governor

November 16, 2001 • 1
One said the legalization of illegal drugs would be a “social catastrophe”, the other said such a move would reduce “death, disease and crime.” Asa Hutchinson, administrator for the Drug Enforcement Administration, and Republican Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico debated the war on drugs in front of about 150 people Thursday in the Law »

State courts downtown to merge in 2002

November 8, 2001 • 0
The consolidation of two New Haven Superior Courts should help to balance the scales of justice more efficiently. Connecticut judicial officials have recently proposed combining Geographical Area Courts 6 and 8, which are located at 121 Elm St. in New Haven. The new arrangement, which takes effect in January, is expected to remedy a number »

Program keeps Gallery open late

November 5, 2001 • 0
Normally, the “Night Cafe” is one of the Yale University Art Gallery’s most prized paintings. But this week, it will be an event. On Thursday, the gallery’s staff will offer an evening of tours, talks and music collectively known as the “Night Cafe.” Highlights of the evening will include a tour of “Myer Myers: Jewish »

Bloom backs up criticism of wizard with book

October 29, 2001 • 0
Fighting the Harry Potter phenomenon may seem like fighting an imminent volcanic eruption: impossible. But famed Yale humanities professor Harold Bloom continues to struggle against the young wizard. After a public attack on the first in the popular series of books by J.K. Rowling, Bloom now has published a children’s book of his own, “Stories »

Depts. coordinate efforts on anthrax

October 23, 2001 • 0
During her visit to the New Haven Emergency Management Office Monday, Conn. Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro emphasized the importance of community safety to the law enforcement officials on hand. “The people need to be assured that if something happens, then our cities and our state are ready,” DeLauro said. “We need to reassure people that »