Conservatives shouldn’t fear Obama’s goals

February 13, 2007 • 0
The man who won the job that, years ago, Abraham Lincoln lost to Stephen Douglas, just announced his candidacy for Lincoln’s ultimate office. He, a Democrat, ties his campaign to the memory of that victorious, martial and Republican president. Barack Obama’s media promotion from rock star to star candidate has come with the story that »

Obama brings right approach to politics

January 26, 2007 • 0
America is about an idea. Our idea is that in a free polity, people will work for themselves and their community toward the common good. Where their churches and unions cannot help them, the government will. Competing factions will boil up from time to time, but they will fight with words, and will accept communal »

Progressive Muslims seek universal rights

January 19, 2007 • 279
Recently, 12 Muslim reformers, would-be Luthers and armchair imams and mere concerned citizens, signed a manifesto against a New Totalitarianism. The manifesto made claims such as, “We must assure universal rights to oppressed people.” The article generally called for the values of liberal democracy, first articulated in the Enlightenment and further refined against the dread »

U.N.’s double standards favor Third World

December 13, 2006 • 0
Yale Amnesty International’s recent Human Rights Week focusing on the Freedom of Expression did well to add its voice to Yalies’ historical demonstrations for civil rights in the American South and in South Africa, for the liberation of Soviet Jewry, and against political murders in Chile. But Amnesty International’s public celebration of the United Nations »

Israeli elections force reflection on future

April 3, 2006 • 0
From an American perspective, last Tuesday’s Israeli election contained elements of the bizarre. Israel borders a territory that has just been taken over by a terrorist organization sworn to destroy it. A state whose nuclear weapons ambitions are being considered by the Security Council has threatened Israel with extinction. And yet at election time, interest »