MAGDZIK: The lessons we’ll learn

April 23, 2013
Even as we move boldly forward, it’s difficult not to look back and wonder whether we did everything the way we were supposed to, or try to figure out what we should take away from our experience.

MAGDZIK: Protecting the sanctity of marriage

April 3, 2013
We should take bold action to inject the American institution of marriage with renewed meaning – and we can start by criminalizing adultery. Here’s why we should.

MAGDZIK: Booker and the American city

March 26, 2013
The relative contribution one Yalie can make in a place like Mobile, Alabama or Worcester, Massachusetts might be far greater than what they would make in a place like New York City.

MAGDZIK: Who belongs at Yale

March 5, 2013
Ensuring low-income students apply and matriculate should be our goal, and a bridge program may just give some very valuable students the necessary confidence to come here and enrich us all.

MAGDZIK: Grading and the purpose of the College

February 26, 2013
Character is not forged in the dungeons of Bass.

MAGDZIK: Education, our best investment

February 19, 2013
In his State of the Union, President Barack Obama has proposed expanding preschool using federal-state partnerships, targeting those below 200 percent of the poverty line for a family of four.

MAGDZIK: For an end to soda at Yale

February 12, 2013
Big Soda fights to enrich its coffers, nothing more.

MAGDZIK: God and us at Yale

February 5, 2013
The end result is that there is precious little public discussion going on about God and what it all means.

MAGDZIK: Constructive speech rules

January 29, 2013
The trick is figuring out how to carry those norms with us to broader society, where these principles seem weak or non-existent.

MAGDZIK: Your personal inauguration

January 22, 2013
At the moment, I feel as though I cannot in good conscience comment on the substantive content of President Obama’s second inaugural address.

MAGDZIK: When shopping breaks down

January 15, 2013
Are we planning on waiting until next year?

MAGDZIK: The debts we carry

November 27, 2012
Great fortune should never be taken for granted, because as comforting as narratives that laud the role of our own willpower and effort are, they are false and self-serving. Much of our achievement in life was pre-determined long ago by factors outside our control, and it is important to acknowledge that.