The voice of a new m. hoops order signs off

June 30, 2002
As I sat and listened to men’s basketball head coach James Jones talk about the successes and failures of his Ivy League championship team at the end-of-the-year banquet, I realized how much I would miss covering the Bulldogs. I had spent the last year traveling virtually everywhere with the team and broadcasting its games for »

A 4-year journey to an unexpected Ivy title

May 26, 2002
When I entered Yale as a freshman, my father, a Yale graduate, told me three things about Yale sports. Don’t worry about the football team. Even though it had struggled the past few years, Yale had a football tradition and the future of Yale football would be bright in the Bowl. Don’t worry about the »

Involvement: The real purpose of the senior class gift

April 4, 2002
Last week, JP Nogues ’02 wrote a column (“A senior gift that’s just not worth giving,” 3/29) questioning the merits of the senior class gift. Some people may find something wrong with any act of charity, but in this case we thank Nogues for raising these issues because it is apparent from his comments that »

Eli hoops brings Yale together

February 26, 2002
No matter what happens in the men’s basketball games this coming weekend, the Elis have done this campus a great service. The team’s losses to Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania this past weekend were disappointing, but they do not negate the team’s 9-1 start in the Ivy League or its sweep of Penn and »

M. basketball the best show in town this weekend

February 7, 2002
No excuses. Not sleet, not rain, not snow, not thunder, not that stomach bug caused by food poisoning, and certainly not the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. This weekend, there are no excuses for not coming out to Payne Whitney Gymnasium to see the men’s basketball team take on the University of Pennsylvania Friday »

A fan’s guide to Ivy hoops heckling

January 18, 2002
With another Ivy men’s basketball season upon us, this year’s Yale squad is one of the best ever to grace the hardwood at the John J. Lee Amphitheater, and the team is a real threat to capture the Ivy League title. Perhaps the one piece of the puzzle missing in a run to March Madness »

New-look Yale basketball club flying high

November 28, 2001
Attention Yale and New Haven: Yale has a basketball team. That’s right. Yale has an honest-to-goodness basketball team. They’re high-flying, scrappy, in-your-face athletic, and there’s barely a weak link to be found on the team. True, Yale’s team entered the final week of last year’s season with a chance at winning the Ivy title. And »

Even in his farewell, Ripken makes a difference

October 10, 2001
“One question I’ve been repeatedly asked these past few weeks is, ‘How do I want to be remembered?’ My answer is simple. To be remembered at all is pretty special. I might also add that if, if I am remembered, I hope it’s because by living my dream, I was able to make a difference.” »