Opinion - Thao Do - Illustrations Editor

HERBERT: Empower student voice

April 1, 2015
Dean Jonathan Holloway, Director of Yale Health Dr. Paul Genecin and YCC leadership will sit down and go through the mental health report in its entirety.
opinion - Thao Do - Illustrations Editor

HERBERT: Come to the mental health forum

February 25, 2015
This event will be the best opportunity to date for the entire community to discuss why the current policies exist, and how they can be improved.

HERBERT: Caroling for the calendar

December 5, 2014
I call upon the members of Yale College to join us on Beinecke Plaza today at 3 p.m. for caroling in support of the YCC’s calendar initiative.
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October 7, 2014
This year, I will do everything I can to make the YCC as accessible and accountable as possible.

HERBERT: A new YCC for everyone

April 11, 2014
I am calling for a YCC that is not only accessible but also engaging, a YCC that leads on important issues and effects meaningful changes, a YCC that is a magnet not just for student government enthusiasts but also for student leaders.

HERBERT: Starting Chi Psi

January 27, 2014
It wasn’t that I saw anything missing from Yale’s Greek scene — rather, I thought there was something Chi Psi could add in its unique values and approach to friendship.