Elis experience weightlessness in NASA research program

September 18, 2006 • 0
They say space is the final frontier, and in the imagination of the average person — even the average Yalie — it is a destination as distant and surreal as the most fantastic dream. This summer, though, five Yale physics majors had a taste of the majesty and grandeur of spaceflight, after they won clearance »

At Yale, inequality has no room at the table

March 30, 2005 • 0
My palms sweated as I inched closer to the doorway. It’s just another meal, I thought, calm down! But at the Berkeley dining hall, it’s never just another meal. I handed my ID card to the stone-faced swiper. She glanced over it. “Sorry,” she mumbled, “no more transfers today.” I turned back, far more browbeaten »