In Cuba, a self-sustaining, repressive machine (still)

April 25, 2008
In 1886, Cuba’s liberal reformers and their allies in the international community pressured the Spanish government into abolishing the institution of slavery. Whereas in the United States, the slaves would have to suffer legalized discrimination in the “Jim Crow” South, no such thing would happen in Cuba. The blessings of freedom had been secured for »

New wave of socialists, fascists recalls past

February 28, 2007
Ideas are hard to kill — even bad ideas. This is an unfortunate truth. The previous two generations stormed the beaches of Normandy and went on to take Berlin and defeat the Nazis and the ideals of Hitler’s fascist totalitarianism. After dealing with the fascists, they then went on to engage the Soviets and their »

Martinez, Bush take lead toward a free Cuba

September 28, 2004
During the summer, I had the pleasure of working on former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Mel Martinez’s U.S. Senate campaign in my hometown of Miami. His story is that of my family’s and many other Cuban exiles, who fled their country in search of liberty and freedom. If elected, Mel would be the first »