Dining appears to change Durfee’s swipe policy

February 1, 2012 • 3
Since the semester began, students have noticed that they can no longer use their meal swipes at Durfee’s after 12 p.m. on weekends and then eat brunch in a residential college dining hall. For the past few years, students have been able to “double-swipe” on weekends ­— spending up to $7 at Durfee’s with a »

Landlord fees may change

January 26, 2012 • 1
In February, New Haven’s Board of Aldermen will have to make a decision about whether to revise the city’s system for collecting landlords’ fees. The Livable City Initiative — the city agency that is responsible for enforcing the city’s housing code and public space requirements — introduced a proposal to the board in December that »