Chao: Sponsoring Fling is always optional

April 12, 2011
A group of students concerned about the declining budgets of charities has put forth a proposal to assist them by reallocating a significant portion of the Yale College Council budget from events to charitable donations. While their goal is admirable, the means by which they hope to achieve it — reallocating the portion of the »

Chao: Policies must be uniform

March 2, 2009
TAIWAN In Thursday’s News, Harrison Marks called for revisions to Yale policy to allow late schedules to employ the Credit/D/Fail option (“Change Credit/D policy,” Feb. 26). Contrary to what was claimed, petitioning the Committee on Honors and Academic Standing to waive the regulation is not the only course of action indicated by the Yale College »

Chao: Improving Spring Fling

February 11, 2009
TAIWAN Last week, the newly created Spring Fling talent search committee held its inaugural meeting. As a former two-term representative of the Yale Student Activities Committee (YSAC), the committee ultimately responsible for Spring Fling, I am all too familiar with the lengthy and stressful talent selection process. With this year’s process still in the early »

Chao: An answer to crowded classes

February 4, 2009
TAIWAN This week the News has reported on suggested changes to course selection period (“Shopping Period may see changes,” Feb. 2) and has published a professor’s opinions on the matter (“Regulate shopping period,” Feb. 3, by English Professor Leslie Brisman). While these pieces have drawn sharp reactions from the student body (at least judging from »