FES prof. wins ‘genius grant’

September 20, 2006
From the tropical forests of Borneo to the mountain of Science Hill, Yale has a new reason to be proud of its faculty. Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies professor Lisa Curran was awarded a five-year John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Fellowship — known colloquially as a “genius grant.” One of 25 »

Two environmental scientists honored with ONES titles

September 6, 2006
Yale now has two ONES, or Outstanding New Environmental Scientists, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. The titles, and the NIEHS funding, went to pharmacology professor Sven-Eric Jordt and to forestry and environmental studies professor Michelle Bell. The primary goal of the awards is to provide a strong foundation for outstanding scientists »

Environment School receives sizeable donation for internships

April 27, 2006
Although Forrest Berkley ’75 may have had a change of heart some years ago — he went to Harvard Law and Business schools after his Yale days — he seems to be coming around now. After retiring from an asset management firm that grew from handling $1 billion to $120 billion, Berkley is back on »

Researchers at FES say no ozone emissions is optimal

March 1, 2006
One three-atom molecule has garnered much attention. A recent study by researchers led by Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies professor Michelle Bell and her colleagues at Johns Hopkins University has concluded that even low concentrations of ground-level ozone molecules are associated with higher mortality rates. The team examined data from 98 urban counties, »

Prof. speaks out against Yellowstone noise levels

February 8, 2006
A single Yale professor is trying to make his voice heard over a cacophony of snowmobiles. Dr. Peter Rabinowitz, a professor of medicine with the Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program, sent a letter to Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Suzanne Lewis concerning noise levels in the park. The letter, originally sent Dec. 19, 2005, was »

School of Forestry will purchase clean energy

February 3, 2006
The Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies is working to add another coat of green to its sustainability credentials. Starting this year, the Environment School will offset 100 percent of its electricity use through June 2008 by purchasing renewable energy credits from Sterling Planet, a clean energy provider. Since 2003, FES has purchased certificates »

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January 20, 2006
The Yale School of Architecture will soon be painting its blue roots green — figuratively, at least. The Architecture School and the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies will soon offer a joint degree program allowing future Yale architects to design sustainably, or to build with the environment in mind. The program, which was developed »

Prof. to lead watershed study

January 13, 2006
With a National Science Foundation grant awarded to professor Peter Raymond, the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies will be able to dramatically expand watershed science research during the next five years, FES Dean Gustave Speth said Thursday. Raymond studies the carbon biogeochemistry of streams, rivers and estuaries and how stream carbon export varies »

Yalies attend summit on global warming

December 7, 2005
As the December frost set in, some Yalies headed north to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Montreal, Quebec, to discuss global warming issues this week. While some attendees arrived at the conference as part of a School of Forestry and Environmental Studies seminar on the political economy of climate change, other participants arrived »

Alumni recruit students for environmental jobs

November 16, 2005
Students gathered in the Dwight Hall Common Room last night to discuss environmental leadership beyond Yale’s Gothic gates. Green Corps Associate Director Cindy Kang ’99 spoke on “The Future of Environmental Leadership: Winning Victories from the Grassroots Up,” discussing environmental activism with the Yale Student Environmental Coalition. She also encouraged graduating seniors to apply to »

FES joins national recruiting network

November 11, 2005
While Yale undergraduates are preparing for an upcoming intercollegiate rivalry, the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies is collaborating for the first time with top environmental schools across the country to recruit students into environmental career fields. On Thursday, the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies joined with their counterparts at Duke University, the »

Carbon researcher studies water cycle

November 3, 2005
While many scientists and policymakers are concerned with global warming and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, Peter Raymond, a professor at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, researches a different, wetter aspect of the carbon cycle. Atmospheric carbon dioxide, one of the principle causes of global warming, is only one stage of the larger carbon »