Senior Perspective: Meghan Clyne

April 30, 2003
I wrote my first column because I was enraged by the lack of patriotism displayed at Yale in the wake of Sept. 11. I didn’t plan to make a habit of opining on the editorials page, but when I was asked to write regularly for this year, I gladly accepted. I intended to represent viewpoints »

A center for some women

April 21, 2003
As graduation nears, it’s funny to think of the different perspective and knowledge four years can give. Recalling my first days at Yale, I remember the naivete with which I assumed the innocence of various college institutions. So it’s no surprise then that I would have thought the Yale Women’s Center to be relatively innocuous »

Can we respect heroes, just for one war?

April 4, 2003
Orange, Calif., is my hometown. I was there two weeks ago on spring break, enjoying family, friends and sunshine. I went to Disneyland, walked along the sands of Newport Beach, and marveled at how six hours on a plane could mean the difference between 8 inches of snow and 70-degree days with cloudless, blue skies. »

GESO: aka the Graduate Evil Socialist Organization

March 5, 2003
All year long I’ve suffered from a blissful memory lapse. For the life of me, I couldn’t recall what “GESO” actually stood for. The problem was this: in October, the Yale Precision Marching Band performed a brilliant halftime show parodying the Stalinist tactics of GESO, the “Graduate Evil Socialist Organization.” The name seemed so fitting »

Face the facts, we’re an empire: But is that such a bad thing?

February 19, 2003
Remember your high school indoctrination? The section in your European or world history class where you learned about the age of colonization? You were surely told that all of those big bad Europeans destroyed the world through their supremacist greed, erasing customs and cultures left and right. They made the world a hopelessly boring place »

The racism of affirmative action

February 5, 2003
Last week saw college ingenuity at its finest. A State of the Union drinking game awarded points for catch phrases based on the probability of President Bush using them. In their wisdom, the game’s creators decided that any mention of “affirmative action” merited three sips, two for any reference to Martin Luther King, Jr, and »

Serving this city, the right way

December 4, 2002
Thanksgiving has come and gone, tonight is the sixth night of Chanukah, and Christmas is a scant 21 days away. The holiday season is in full swing, which means we’re smack in the middle of giving time. This is when we feel most obliged to help our fellow men, so when better to examine how »

Hey future leaders of America: take a look outside your liberal cocoon

November 13, 2002
Last week, this seemed like a place of mourning — long faces, muted conversations, sad glimpses. Thankfully, no tragedy was behind the campus melancholy — in fact, what brought sorrow to so many brought joy to a limited few. At Yale, that is. Outside of these ivy walls, the victories that gave the Republican Party »

The hypocrisy of the left in its campaign against war

October 30, 2002
Last week, the scene at the corner of Elm and York streets seemed like something out of a Vietnam movie. Two groups stood on opposite corners of the intersection. One side shouted “One, two, three, four,” in time for the other side to chime in: “We don’t want your stinkin’ war!” How original. How cute. »

Columbus: no saint, but no Satan

October 16, 2002
Chalk it up to the town-gown divide. Every year in mid-October, it’s fun to compare the scene at Yale to the one in the Wooster Street area. There, Columbus Day is celebrated to recognize the accomplishments of an intrepid Italian explorer. At Yale, however, Columbus Day is decried as the malicious promotion of a mass »

Dialogue, education beat meaningless protests

October 2, 2002
Though Yalies assert that theirs is the greatest educational experience available, they seem to have an inferiority complex. It appears that many would rather return to the 1960s and are anxious to trade their Yale blue for the colors of UC-Berkeley or Kent State. Apparently Yale lacks better access to that all-important part of the »

Time to rethink the flip-flops and sweatpants

September 18, 2002
There are no two ways around it. Most people, before they get to New Haven, have preconceived images of Yale — the gothic architecture, the verdant courtyards, the towering spires, the impressive libraries. There are also, of course, images of the people. F. Scott Fitzgerald expressed it well in This Side of Paradise with Amory »