The absolute need for Native American ethnic counselors

February 10, 2003
Last Sunday, the Yale College Council unanimously approved a resolution calling on the administration to make one very important change to Yale’s ethnic counselor program. Specifically, the YCC stressed that it is high time the Native American peer adviser be granted full ethnic counselor status. The recommendation is an affirmation of dignity. While there are »

When attack is a necessity

October 15, 2002
I am not opposed to invading Iraq. Though I am troubled by the Congressional passage of President Bush’s war resolution last week, as I do not support a presidential blank check, I understand the need for intervention. If U.N. inspections fail, there is no other way to stop Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and his criminal »

YCC presidential candidate: Matthew Nickson

April 22, 2002
My name is Matt Nickson and I would like to be your student body president. I want the Yale College Council to place greater emphasis on student issues and activities, as well as outreach to students and student groups. Feel free to call me at 6-0266 or e-mail me at matthew.nickson@yale.edu if you have any »

The war on drugs and the implosion of Colombia

April 12, 2002
Here at Yale, we talk a lot about America’s war on drugs. The debate usually hinges on the issue of an individual’s right to use drugs, and then often involves some discussion of the relative dangers of specific drugs. But we don’t talk as much about countries like Colombia. We need to. Why? Because Colombia »

An afternoon at the U.S.-Mexico border

February 13, 2002
Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos — Welcome to the United States. I can’t recall if such a highway sign exists on the U.S.-Mexico border at Laredo, Texas, but it may as well. It is Sunday, Jan. 6 at dusk, and I am sitting near the Lincoln-Juarez International Bridge on a Greyhound bus, on my way »

George Harrison moves on to his Sweet Lord

December 3, 2001
The great Latin American poet Cesar Vallejo once wrote, “There are such hard blows in life, I don’t know. Golpes como del odio de Dios.” Blows like hatred from God. That’s how I feel now that George Harrison has died, because “I read the news today, oh boy.” For me, as for so many of »

Victory requires global action

November 12, 2001
The war on terrorism cannot be won in Afghanistan alone. It requires reversing decades of American neglect of the region’s most pressing political and economic problems. First of all, we must acknowledge that the American bombing campaign, while justified, might destabilize Pakistan. The protests currently raging in Peshawar, Karachi and Quetta testify to the strength »

Bush must condemn Chinese human rights violations

October 26, 2001
British Prime Minister Tony Blair recently told an interviewer it took him “about 30 minutes” to formulate his government’s response to the Sept. 11 tragedy, a response which showcases the enduring solidarity between the American and English peoples. In the past month and a half, Americans have also received strong expressions of sympathy and support »

Plan Colombia and learning from Sept. 11

October 17, 2001
There has been much talk in the last month of “political” solutions to the terrorist crisis, and of the roles diplomacy and development can play in shaping a saner, stabler world. Frankly, I don’t think that negotiations with murderers like Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, or Taliban leader Muhammad Omar are either possible or desirable. »

Terentennial guest column

October 5, 2001
This weekend, we are going to hear a lot of people lauding Yale’s accomplishments, among them former President Bill Clinton LAW ’73. The University has done much for the country, and today, thanks to its financial aid program, it is possible for individuals of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to share in its richness. I concede that »

Terror-stricken U.S. must strike back

October 3, 2001
Three weeks later, how should Yalies respond to what happened on September 11th? For a people in shock, there are no easy answers. In the past, we have felt solidarity for others when tragedy struck, for the people of Nicaragua, when they were devastated by hurricanes and torrential rains two years ago. Now, as a »

After turbulent years, optimism at Divinity

April 4, 2001
After five difficult years at the Divinity School under Dean Richard Wood GRD ’65, students and professors hope the recent appointment of a new dean will reunite the campus. The departed Wood’s tenure as dean, which saw the Divinity School rocked by allegations of racial discrimination among students and an alleged rape case, led to »