Klein: A rose by no other name

January 27, 2009
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Michael Pomeranz wants to pervert the American ideal. In his view, the problems of our society are caused by our focus “on what we can do and what government cannot,” also known as the Constitution (“Naming Obama’s new politics,” 1/23). He proposes we »

Counterpoint: Illegal aliens do not deserve state services

October 30, 2007
When we examine the question of illegal immigration and the provision of city services, there are two important angles to consider: principle and practice. From both perspectives, it is clear that illegal aliens should not be provided services by local governments and that the federal government should punish sanctuary cities for consciously seeking to subvert »

Sino-Korean border marred by injustice

September 11, 2007
When I opened the News on Friday morning to the op-ed page and saw a piece titled “Along the border, Chinese pity Koreans,” I knew that it would likely be filled with misleading information and outright lies. I was not disappointed. There are two basic problems with the article’s thesis: First, the Chinese government’s policy »

U.S. must not be blind to China threat

March 5, 2007
America is not a country that understands revenge. We have never really lost a war and have never truly been humiliated by foreign powers. We have never seen our country carved out into zones of influence by rapacious foreigners. We have never made the transition from global superpower to regional weakling in the space of »

Dems fail to grasp basic tenets of humanity

November 1, 2006
Recently we have heard much about the follies of the current Republican Party and how switching to the Democrats would benefit the country immeasurably, if for no other reason than that surely they could not do a worse job. This is a dangerous assertion based upon an ignorance of the worldview of those who would »

Morality can prove amorphous

October 4, 2006
The debate regarding whether it is acceptable for statesmen to use the language of good and evil to persuade citizens of the necessity of a particular set of policies rages on. But no reasonable person would dispute that it is easier to move the masses to action with moral absolutes than with arguments about the »