Brimer: Crafting a new American future

March 25, 2010 • 6
NEW YORK — Since moving to New York City last summer, I’ve organized a monthly gathering of Yale alumni entrepreneurs in swanky locales around Manhattan. Some of the attendees are running their own startups and small businesses. Others are working day jobs, bootstrapping fledgling companies by night. Still others come simply to mingle with like-minded »

BUSINESS COLUMN | Brimer: Consumers, politicians and shaving cream?

April 9, 2009 • 1
Imagine the most epic can of shaving cream you have ever seen. The name brand is all upper-case in a white-on-blue design. A tagline is below, swooping along a curved red streak: YES YOU CAN have more aloe! Be the lather you wish to see in yourself! And let’s not forget the swirling blue poof »

BUSINESS COLUMN | Brimer: Pirates do fuzzy math

February 26, 2009 • 0
When you download an album for free, what is the music actually worth, economically speaking? Perhaps I should rephrase: What is the price of a CD divided by zero? The transformation of intellectual property into public goods appears to be a systemic problem of yet-unrealized magnitude, one that will only continue to grow and spread »

Brimer: Bring the Internet to the world

January 22, 2009 • 0
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. There’s a little-known office with a small staff but immense clout housed in the upper levels of Woolsey Hall. Known as the Office of Digital Dissemination, the administrators, strategists and fellows who work there are hard at work fulfilling the University’s mission to »

Brimer: A bit of the old ultra-finance!

October 23, 2008 • 0
A curly-haired young man wearing an untucked button-down shirt, jeans and a blazer walks coolly into the bank. His iPod is on shuffle, and his brown leather messenger bag swings casually as he walks. The student goes to the counter, politely interacts with a teller and leaves with a thick envelope. He pays no attention »

NOGAYS e-mailers explain their actions

November 6, 2006 • 0
Yes. We are the ones who sent that “NOGAYS” e-mail early one morning a few weeks ago. Chock full with as much ridiculousness as we could muster in as few lines as possible, the e-mail was intended entirely as a sarcastic and wholly outrageous prank. Imagine then our surprise at waking up the following day »