Volunteers research for reform

April 8, 2004
From March 5 to March 14, the 21 members of Yale Health C.O.R.E. traveled to Isla de Mendez, a small, rural community in El Salvador, to conduct volunteer work. The work of the organization — which included conducting a comprehensive survey of public health, teaching about hygiene in schools and testing drinking water — was »

Hospital workers protest changes

February 25, 2004
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. About 200 protesters gathered in front of Yale-New Haven Hospital yesterday, waving banners and chanting, to protest changes in cafeteria hours that will affect dining service workers employed by the hospital. Yale-New Haven Hospital workers and union leaders said these changes may lead »

‘Buddies’ helps disabled find friends

February 9, 2004
Monica Modi ’06 and Everett Buell are buddies. They attend Yale basketball games, go bowling, and celebrate Halloween together. It is like any friendship, except that Buell is 35 years older than Modi. Buell is also mentally challenged. The two are part of the Yale chapter of the Best Buddies International, a non-profit organization that »

Medical School discusses recent drug summit

January 15, 2004
Experts in the field suggest that drug addiction is affecting children of increasingly younger ages, and, as a result, the need for effective drug-prevention methods and policy is becoming increasingly important. To address this and similar issues, medical researchers, clinicians and public health policy-makers assessed Connecticut’s Response to the New England Governor’s Drug Summit yesterday »

Sound Runner bounds onto York

December 10, 2003
For Julie Francis, co-owner of the new store Sound Runner, selecting the right running shoe is an art. For prospective customers, Francis measures their feet, observes the wear-and-tear of their shoes, watches them run, and asks about any possible pains and injuries before selecting the proper footwear. Sound Runner, a store that caters specifically to »

Photographer captures hot Eli athletes

December 10, 2003
Amateur fashion photographer Mike Rohrbaugh ’04 wanted to explore the “old school” collegiate tradition of Yale. He imagined taking seven male athletes and photographing them in a classic Yale setting, striving for a vintage team feel. Rohrbaugh’s final product is a poster of several Yale’s athletes titled “The Men of Yale,” which he hopes to »

Eire wins non-fiction award

November 21, 2003
History and religious studies professor Carlos Eire won this year’s National Book Award for Non-fiction Wednesday for his memoir “Waiting for Snow in Havana.” The award, which was presented to Eire at the 54th National Book Awards Ceremony in Manhattan, has previously been awarded to such notable non-fiction writers as Rachel Carson, Lewis Thomas, Tom »

Vigil honors local homeless

November 18, 2003
About 50 homeless individuals, activists and Yale students stood in the cold outside City Hall last night in remembrance of homeless people who have died outside in recent years. Participants held candles in plastic cups and waved banners reading “Shelter the homeless” and “Jill, Andrew and Rosie,” the names of three homeless people who died »

Conference feasts on organic food issues

November 17, 2003
Farmers, food distributors, chefs and representatives from various colleges gathered on campus Friday to discuss the Sustainable Food Initiative at Yale and similar programs at other colleges. The one-day conference, titled “Tilling the Soil, Turning the Tables,” included speakers, panel discussions, workshops and a dinner in Berkeley College dining hall that allowed organizers to promote »

Exhibition reveals energy in Vietnam landscape

November 3, 2003
Joan B. Tumpson LAW ’73 paints the forests of Vietnam to depict the hidden scars of war. Her new exhibit, “The Vietnam Series,” is now on display at the York Square Cinema Gallery. Tumpson, a graduate of Northwestern and Yale universities, abandoned her career as a lawyer in 1991 and devoted her career to art »

Ceremony lauds AIDS activist

October 24, 2003
New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. hosted a ceremony at Wilbur Cross High School Thursday to celebrate the life and activism of AIDS victim Ryan White and his family. White contracted HIV from a tainted blood transfusion when he was 13 years old and became a leading figure in the fight against discrimination towards HIV/AIDS »

Gallery expands African Art

October 17, 2003
While the Yale University Art Gallery undergoes its two-year renovations, preparations have been made to expand its Department of African Art. Jock Reynolds, director of the gallery, recently announced the appointment of Fred Lamp GRD ’82 to the position of first Frances and Benjamin Benenson Foundation Curator of African Art. Lamp will oversee the development »