Miller: Memorializing Michele

April 14, 2011 • 3
Four years ago this month, I heard about Michele Dufault from one of my college classmates, the head of the math department at an excellent school in Boston. He dropped me a short message, knowing that she had been admitted to Yale. He wanted me to know what an outstanding math and science student Michele »

Miller: An open letter regarding disciplinary procedures

October 23, 2009 • 10
I thought it might be useful if I tried to address some misconceptions about how the Yale College Dean’s Office carries out some of its work, particularly with regard to disciplinary procedures. Perhaps because of concern about the gravity of the matter — which I share — questions have come up time and again about »

Miller: Speaking out for community values

September 7, 2009 • 10
We’ve started the year with a fresh assault on our community values: there’s an e-mail that has been in circulation entitled Scouting Report, and it rates some women in the Class of 2013 based on characteristics I will not dignify with repetition here — nor is it my goal to discuss the e-mail. Any such »