Campus crime falls by 16 percent

February 10, 2003
Campus crime dropped by almost 16 percent in 2002, continuing a decade-long decline, data shows. Total crime figures for 2002, released in January, indicate that a total of 366 crimes were reported in 2002 — a decrease from the 435 crimes reported in 2001, according to statistics from the Yale Police Department and the U.S. »

Hobbits, bad habits bring heat

February 5, 2003
Last Wednesday, around 8:20 p.m., a man threw a fit after seeing “The Lord of the Rings” books in the Yale Bookstore, Lt. Michael Patten said. He also threw the books around the bookstore, police said. Reginald Hill, 40, of New Haven, “went in and just started picking books up and throwing them,” Patten said. »

With permit, beer may flow again at Naples

January 31, 2003
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Thursday nights at Naples Pizza and Restaurant may return to campus this March, as the dry pizzeria may soon turn the taps back on for the first time in about a year. Naples plans to file an application this Feburary for a liquor »

Poor lighting may have led to fatal crash

January 27, 2003
BRIDGEPORT — The lights along a strip of Interstate 95 were not working Jan. 17 when a fatal crash took the lives of four Yale students, National Transportation Safety Board officials said Friday. A preliminary inquiry has also determined that alcohol was not a factor in the accident, investigators said at a press conference. Lead »

NTSB eyes truck owner, weather in crash inquiry

January 24, 2003
The trucking company whose tractor-trailer crashed into an Interstate 95 median Friday morning, initiating the accident that left four Yale students dead, has a deficient accident safety rating, federal data shows. The Arrow Trucking Company has been involved in more accidents than nearly 80 percent of all other carriers for which data is available, according »

Malfunctioning street lights examined in crash probe; alcohol discounted as factor

January 24, 2003
BRIDGEPORT — Investigators have determined that alcohol was not a factor in the accident that killed four Yale students Jan. 17, National Transportation Safety Board officials said Friday. Inadequate highway lighting was a possible factor in the crash, investigators said at a press conference in Bridgeport. NTSB Investigator-in-Charge David S. Rayburn said preliminary test results »

Two victims of crash back on campus

January 23, 2003
Two students involved in the fatal car accident Friday morning were released from Undergraduate Health Services Wednesday, their suitemates said. Chris Gary ’06 and Cameron Fine ’06, who share a suite in Bingham Hall, were taken to UHS after being released from area hospitals. “They’re doing fine,” suitemate Rudy Simone ’06 said. “They’ve been attending »

After crash, questions linger

January 21, 2003
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. As two students remained hospitalized Monday, classmates and teammates struggled to accept the loss of four students who died in a car accident early Friday. Senior Eric Wenzel, 21, of Garden City, N.Y., was in critical condition Monday evening and remains on a »

Montano avoids prison sentence

January 17, 2003
A Yale senior charged with violating absentee ballot laws was recently allowed to enter a program of accelerated rehabilitation to avoid potential prison time. In late October, Michael Montano ’03 was arrested and charged with nine counts of providing “false statement in absentee balloting.” The crime is ordinarily punishable by a maximum sentence of five »

Esserman to head Providence police

January 16, 2003
A former New Haven assistant police chief became chief of the Providence Police Department in Providence, R.I., after a swearing-in ceremony last Friday. Dean Esserman, a 1979 graduate of Dartmouth College, was appointed to the position by Providence mayor David Cicilline. Esserman formerly served as assistant chief in the New Haven Police Department from 1991 »

City sees drop in murders, overall crime numbers

January 14, 2003
For the tenth year in a row, crime in the Elm City is on the decline. The city crime rate dropped by 3 percent in 2002, according to the Uniform Crime Report prepared for the FBI. New Haven closed the year with nine murders — a decline of 55 percent from 2001, in which New »

Fabrizio ’01 killed in Waterford car accident

December 11, 2002
Peter A. Fabrizio ’01 died after he was struck by a car in Waterford Wednesday night, police said. The car hit Fabrizio after he left his car to help victims in a crash in which he was involved. The first accident occurred as Fabrizio lost control of his car while driving northbound on I-395 around »