Report on Jan. 17 crash to be released next year

April 21, 2003
The investigation into the Jan. 17 car accident that killed four Yale students is not expected to be concluded until early 2004, said David S. Rayburn, the lead investigator for the National Transportation and Safety Board. Rayburn said the final report — known as a “board report” — will provide an analysis of the investigation, »

Van de Velde sues top Yale officials

April 21, 2003
Several top Yale University administrators were added last Tuesday to a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by former Yale political science lecturer James Van de Velde ’82, the only named suspect in the Suzanne Jovin ’99 murder investigation. The suit alleges that the defendants repeatedly violated Van de Velde’s civil rights by naming him — »

New Haven police chief to announce retirement today

April 17, 2003
New Haven Police Chief Melvin H. Wearing said Wednesday that he will formally announce his retirement at a City Hall press conference this afternoon. Wearing, who has served in the NHPD for 34 years and has been its chief for just over six years, is expected to retire later this month, officials at the NHPD »

Shock, surprise at news of break-in

April 10, 2003
Students and administrators responded with disgust and surprise Wednesday following a report that several students entered the suite of an anti-war activist March 27 and left a message threatening Muslims on her door. Some students said they were surprised Yale administrators had not made a public statement about the alleged incident. “It is an incredibly »

Student alleges anti-Muslim hate speech

April 9, 2003
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Several male students, one wielding a wooden plank, broke into the suite of an anti-war activist in Calhoun College March 27 and wrote a hateful note on her bedroom message board, said the victim, Katherine Lo ’05. Lo said the incident occurred a »

Texas teen charged in Yale hacking probe

April 7, 2003
A teen accused of hacking into Yale University computers surrendered to the FBI Thursday in a New Haven court after evading authorities for nearly three years. Jason Jarrell, 19, of Coppell, Texas, is charged with six counts of computer crime related to the unauthorized access of Yale computing systems that occurred during March 2000. The »

Speakers evaluate crime reporting

March 28, 2003
Crime doesn’t pay, and Thursday night a pair of experts debated whether the current style of reporting on crime doesn’t either. As part of Dwight Hall’s Intersections Series in Criminal Justice, former U.S. News & World Report national news editor Ted Gest and Yale political science professor Bruce Shapiro spoke Thursday night on the criticisms »

Naples could be serving alcohol by May

March 26, 2003
A month after gaining clearance to apply for a new liquor license, Naples Pizza and Restaurant plans to file paperwork that could end the dry season at the pizzeria as soon as early May. Naples plans to file an application with the state Liquor Control Commission this week for a new license that should take »

Trial delayed for former police chief

March 24, 2003
Brian Sullivan, the former head of the New Haven Police Department detective bureau who is charged with obstructing a 1996 murder investigation, will have to wait three more months for the start of his trial, officials at the Connecticut State’s Attorney’s office announced late last week. Sullivan’s trial, originally scheduled to begin on March 3, »

Yale will beef up police presence to maintain order during strike

February 28, 2003
When striking workers form picket lines next week around classroom buildings and throughout streets, Yale University police plan to step up surveillance to maintain order. The Yale Police Department plans to position police throughout the campus to provide increased security during the strikes, Lt. Michael Patten said. Patten would not provide specific details regarding the »

Lasaga waits for appeal

February 20, 2003
Former Saybrook College Master and Yale geology professor Antonio C. Lasaga, who was convicted last year of sexually abusing a young New Haven boy he was mentoring, is awaiting a ruling on his appeal to reduce his 15-year federal prison sentence. Lasaga’s attorney Diane Polan wrote in her appeal that the sentence was improperly increased »

Thou shalt not trespass, steal, nor urinate in street

February 13, 2003
Last Monday around 1 a.m., police officers reported to Vanderbilt Hall in response to an alarm set off by four students who broke into the renovation site of the Old Campus dormitory, police said. “Officers got dispatched to Vanderbilt Hall because of an alarm,” Yale Police Lt. Michael Patten said. “They saw four guys inside »