KEEGAN: Senior year without society

February 24, 2012
I am not in a secret society. When I wasn’t tapped, I was pretty bummed. I wish I could say I was mature enough not to care, but I did. I was worried that I would be missing out on some fundamental Yale experience, that everyone would have new friends and, worst of all, that »

Keegan: Decriminalize marijuana now

February 4, 2011
Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney (D–New Haven) introduced a bill this month that would decriminalize the possession of marijuana in the state of Connecticut. If passed, Gov. Dan Malloy would sign the legislation, claiming explicitly that he believes “possession of marijuana in small amounts should be decriminalized.” A 2009 Quinnipiac poll found that 58 percent »

Keegan: What I learned from my Cantab ex-BF

November 19, 2010
Today, the News is publishing a special satirical “Harvard sucks” News’ View. Good start, but they don’t go far enough. Harvard actually sucks. Like, literally, it sucks. I went to high school in Cambridge, Mass., and my long-term boyfriend went to Harvard. This means I spent my senior year sleeping at Harvard on the weekends »
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Keegan: Why we care about whales

September 11, 2009
When the moon gets bored, it kills whales. Blue whales and fin whales and humpback, sperm and orca whales; centrifugal forces don’t discriminate. With a hushed retreat, the moon pulls waters out from under fins and flippers, oscillating them backward and forward before they slip outward. At nighttime, the moon watches its work. Silver light »