Eli profs show Obama support in dollars

November 4, 2008 • 8
So far this year, Yale professors have come out — pocketbooks first — in support of Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. Yale faculty members donated $109,590 to Obama’s campaign, compared with only $5,700 to that of his opponent, Sen. John McCain — an almost 20-to-1 ratio, according to a News analysis of »

City celebrates Obama

November 4, 2008 • 0
CHICAGO — Monday night was breezy and calm in Grant Park, except for news vans humming, security guards trolling and a lone street musician strumming, “O-o-o-o-Obama!” On the eve of Sen. Barack Obama’s Election Day bash here in the city where he forged his political identity, there was no sign of the estimated one million »

A cooler Inferno returns

October 31, 2008 • 7
Yalies nostalgically look back on Calhoun College’s Trolley Night and Silliman College’s Safety Dance as rites of passage in their undergraduate years. In comparison, Pierson College’s “Inferno” is the black sheep, a dark reminder of past debaucheries, shrouded in mystery and scandal — and not just because it celebrates Halloween. For the first time since »


October 29, 2008 • 19
At a speech on Monday in Canton, Ohio, Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama urged supporters not to get complacent before Election Day next week. “Don’t believe for a second this election’s over,” he said. But had his audience been Yale, the Illinois senator might have been more at ease. In a Yale Daily News »

AROUND NEW HAVEN | At Festival, fall goodies for all

October 17, 2008 • 0
The Upper State Street Fall Festival will take place this Sunday from 12-4 p.m. in the parking lot between Bradley and Eld streets. Patrons at the outdoor event can enjoy farm stands, live music, raffles, photo galleries, voter registration and community outreach tables, walking tours of the area and half-price gift certificates from nearby New »

Law clinic brings justice to prisoners

October 17, 2008 • 1
In 2002, the terms “war on terror,” “enemy combatant” and Guantánamo Bay had only recently become buzzwords in a post-Sept. 11 United States, under the first term of President George W. Bush ’68. That year, Yale Law School Dean Harold Hongju Koh and visiting lecturer and private-practice lawyer Jonathan Freiman LAW ’98 co-founded the Law »

Miller leaves legacy of unity

October 16, 2008 • 0
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. It was Alice Miller’s first Halloween in Saybrook College. When her mother, Mary, opened the doors of the master’s house to Saybrugians that night, it was young Alice’s face students saw first. The night stands out in the memory of Emily Pressman ’02, »

Fire dept. rethinks structure

October 8, 2008 • 1
In 2002 MMA Consulting Group, Inc. of Boston issued an Operational Review of the New Haven Fire Department, recommending a plan to improve the department’s provision of medical services, internal organization and future leadership. Six years later, as the city faces a strained budget that last month led to the dismissal of 34 municipal employees, »

A fresh start for school lunches

October 3, 2008 • 0
Two weeks ago a peculiar aroma emanated from the sky over 50 New Haven public school cafeterias. Mystery meat? Nope. Tuna surprise? Hardly. The source: freshly picked, local corn on the cob — a culinary and logistical experiment that was part of an overhaul of the New Haven school district’s food-services division, now under the »

Grades low for city schools

September 30, 2008 • 0
While some New Haven schools were recently ranked at the top of the class, the district as a whole is far from receiving straight A’s. Four New Haven public schools were awarded spots on top-10 lists by the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now, a statewide outreach, education and research center that released 2008 report cards »

University Library joins Facebook

September 26, 2008 • 0
Yale students can be Facebook fans of Barack Obama, Miley Cyrus and, now, the University Library. In an effort to reach out to students on familiar territory, library administrators recently launched a Yale University Library page on the social-networking Web site. The Facebook page offers news of upcoming Library events, a photo album of Yale’s »

Layoffs hit 34 City Hall employees

September 22, 2008 • 1
The weekend was marked by budget constraints, layoffs, program cutbacks — not on Wall Street, but on Church Street, where at New Haven’s City Hall nearly three dozen employees were laid off Friday amid a struggling economy and citywide budget crunch. A total of 34 New Haven city employees across 12 departments and the Board »