Mobile apps facilitate campus safety

February 26, 2014 • 0
Mobile technology, like that used by University of New Haven students during the Dec. 3 lockdown triggered by a loose gunman on campus, and the Yale Alert system used during the Nov. 25 gun scare, were critical to ensuring safety on campus this year.

YPD reports two sexual assault allegations

February 24, 2014 • 0
The Yale community received three emails last week reporting two separate complaints that two Yale students were sexually assaulted on the night of Feb. 8 at the same off-campus location.

Harp supports Esserman

February 21, 2014 • 0
This week, Mayor Toni Harped pushed for the reappointment of Chief Dean Esserman.

Antiviolence group formed

February 20, 2014 • 0
The Coalition of Anti-Violence Stakeholders announced how it plans to help push legislation to tighten gun control and improve public safety.

YPD hosts Citizens Police Academy

February 19, 2014 • 0
In an effort to strengthen the ties between police officers and the communities they serve, the Yale Police Department opened registration for its semi-annual Citizen’s Police Academy.

See’s death investigation continues

February 13, 2014 • 0
Months after Samuel See was found dead in a local jail cell, his family continues its quest for clarity of the events that led to his death.

YPD messages scrutinized

February 7, 2014 • 0
Though 69 Clery-reportable crimes took place on campus in 2012, only 28 warning messages were sent to the Yale community that year.

Police say Union Station crime not a trend

February 6, 2014 • 0
Although robberies near Union Station have raised concern among Yale students, police said these incidents do not indicate a trend.

Yale spearheads security overhaul

January 30, 2014 • 0
Symmetry centralizes the functions of building security, including access control, id management and alarm management.

NHPD raid uncovers guns, drugs

January 28, 2014 • 0
Months of undercover work culminated in a full-scale police raid of four New Haven homes on Thursday.

See’s life celebrated

January 26, 2014 • 0
A service in Battell Chapel Saturday memorialized the life of English professor Samuel See, as a scholar, a teacher and a deeply understanding and devoted friend.

Harp gets NHPD security detail

January 24, 2014 • 0
Among the changes coming to City Hall following Mayor Toni Harp’s inauguration will be increased security for the Elm City’s new leader.