Univ. researchers link gene to Lowe syndrome

September 24, 2007 • 0
Yale researchers have identified a connection between a single gene mutation and the numerous symptoms of Lowe syndrome, a rare recessive genetic disorder. The study, published in Developmental Cell this month, identifies the exact molecular process that produces the disease, taking scientists one step closer to developing ways to treat Lowe syndrome. Led by Pietro »

Study says elderly may dismiss doctors’ orders

September 19, 2007 • 0
New research from Yale shows that a high percentage of chronically ill elderly patients are refusing to follow their doctors’ orders, but the researchers still do not fully understand the nature of the patients’ disagreements. A study by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine indicates that elderly patients with advanced illnesses often reject the »

Univ. gets NIH grant for study

September 12, 2007 • 0
The Yale School of Medicine announced this week that it will receive millions of dollars in funding over the next five years to support research aimed at discovering new methods of curbing addictive behaviors. The $23.4 million grant from the National Institutes of Health’s Roadmap for Medical Research initiative will advance studies on the interactive »

Ex-alderman Holahan passes away

September 7, 2007 • 1
Thomas Holahan ’63 GRD ’72, former East Rock alderman and recent mayoral candidate, died of heart and kidney failure on Aug. 18. The 66-year-old Holahan, who was known for his commitment to the community, was remembered at Tuesday’s Board of Aldermen meeting for his years of activism and public service. Holahan served as Ward 10 »

Car sharing to come to Univ.

September 5, 2007 • 0
Starting today, Yalies will be able to rent cars on an hourly basis from Zipcar Inc., a car-sharing company that allows customers to walk up to vehicles and drive them away with little more than a membership card. Zipcar, which has entered into a three-year partnership with Yale, will station six cars around campus available »

Mental Hygiene weighs tough options

April 27, 2007 • 0
In her sophomore year at Yale, Naasiha Siddiqui ’07 found herself facing more problems than just the sophomore slump. Siddiqui was severely depressed, and when she checked into the Mental Hygiene Department at University Health Services, she was forced to leave school on medical withdrawal. Ever since, she has struggled to balance manic depression with »

Yalies say ‘YES’ to business

April 16, 2007 • 1347
Entrepreneurs and innovators from across the country congregated at the Yale Innovation Summit this weekend to discuss the latest trends in technology, both on campus and beyond. Hosted by the Yale Entrepreneurial Society, the seventh annual Innovation Summit featured two days of speeches and panels on a range of topics surrounding the field of entrepreneurship. »

Grad is Yale’s first black Ph.D. in neurobiology

April 6, 2007 • 0
In 2002, after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Rutgers University, Paulette McRae GRD ’07 applied to the neurobiology department at Yale, crossing her fingers that she would make it into the program. Little did she know that, when she did get in, she would make history. McRae matriculated at Yale in the »

Public health showcased

April 3, 2007 • 0
Despite the undergraduate effort that went into Yale’s Public Health Week, only a few students and community members showed up at Wilson Branch Library for the kickoff event Monday, organizers said. As part of an annual national event organized by the American Public Health Association, the Yale Center for Public Health Preparedness is sponsoring a »

YUHS birth control prices will increase

March 30, 2007 • 0
Yale students will face higher prices for birth control in coming months following a change in federal law. The price for oral contraceptives at Yale and other college health centers rose at the end of last year due to of the elimination of incentives for drug companies to sell birth control to universities at a »

Research probes into possible da Vinci handicap

March 26, 2007 • 0
Along with the help of a former Yale researcher, a longtime admirer of Leonardo da Vinci is trying to challenge commonly accepted beliefs about the life of one of the greatest minds in history. After mistakenly hearing a museum tour guide refer to da Vinci’s left hand as “sinister” — when she actually said “il »

Brownell testifies on school food

March 7, 2007 • 0
Kids may prefer the taste of Little Debbie and Gatorade to that of broccoli and orange juice, but nutritionists from around the country said Tuesday that they are more concerned with combating child obesity than pleasing kids’ taste buds. Kelly Brownell, psychology professor and director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at »