Students adjust to party registration policies

August 29, 2012
A handful of off-campus parties were shut down by the Yale Police Department during the first Camp Yale under new party registration guidelines, but fraternity leaders said they were unsure whether the policy contributed to the police’s activity. Administrators announced on Aug. 10 that all off-campus parties with over 50 students must be registered with »

Freshman orientation sees additions, tweaks

August 24, 2012
Freshmen arriving on campus today will participate in an updated freshman orientation program, which administrators say will familiarize new students with Yale’s resources and the city of New Haven. Orientation this fall will include mandatory “communication and consent” workshops on sexual misconduct prevention, reformulated workshops on health and sexuality, and revamped events encouraging freshmen to »
The president of Sigma Nu fraternity said the University's new policy requiring registration for off-campus parties will hit fraternity activities extra hard.

Registration now required for off-campus parties

August 24, 2012
Following a new policy designed to combat underage drinking, students are now required to register off-campus parties attended by more than 50 people with the Yale College Dean’s Office. The rule, which was announced in an Aug. 10 campus-wide email, is intended to bring off-campus parties in line with established on-campus party registration guidelines and »

Corporation, YCC consider mental health

April 26, 2012
A six-month review of Yale’s mental health resources conducted by experts from peer universities was presented to the Yale Corporation this past weekend. University President Richard Levin said the review was scheduled as a routine examination of Yale’s mental health services, and covered general policy issues and resource organization. During the same period of time, »

UP CLOSE | Influencing policy or ‘wasting time’?

April 20, 2012
On March 1, Dean of Student Affairs Marichal Gentry called a meeting of all fraternity and sorority leaders to inform them that their rush procedures would change. Beginning next year, he said, they would no longer be able to hold freshman rush activities during the fall. The Greek leaders in the room said they were »
John Gonzalez ’14 received a call Friday night informing him that he had won the election for YCC president, only to hear later that he would face Eric Eliasson ’14 in a runoff election this week.

Contested YCC election heads to runoff

April 16, 2012
Late Friday evening, John Gonzalez ’14 receieved a call from Yale College Council Vice President Omar Njie ’13 informing him that he had won the YCC presidency. But just hours later, Gonzalez was told that the race was not yet over, and several days of campaigning remained before him. The YCC Elections Committee, chaired by »

Greek leaders draft proposal on ban

April 13, 2012
Leaders of Greek organizations presented a proposal to administrators Thursday drafting preliminary details of the ban on Greek organizations’ freshman fall rush period. Since the ban was announced last month, an implementation committee composed of administrators, fraternity leaders and sorority leaders has met on a weekly basis to sketch out details of the new regulation. »

Students apathetic toward YCC elections

April 12, 2012
Heading into today’s Yale College Council 2012-’13 Executive Board elections, the majority of students interviewed said they are largely uninterested and uninformed about the races. Current YCC Vice President Omar Njie ’13 said he thinks candidates have been campaigning with less intensity this year than in past years, and there are fewer “bigger campus personalities” »
Chris Cho '12, Maria Yagoda '12 and Sable Worthy '12 live in a mixed-gender suite.

More students to live gender-neutral

April 11, 2012
For the first time, every residential college will house students living in mixed-gender suites next year. In February, after working with the Yale College Council, administrators announced that gender-neutral housing would be available to both the junior and senior classes beginning in the 2012-’13 school year. Though the option to live in a mixed-gender suite »

UOFC redefines duties

April 5, 2012
Just one week before the Yale College Council elections, administrators approved a proposal Wednesday that formalizes additional responsibilities of the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee and renames it the Undergraduate Organizations Committee. A subsidiary of the YCC, the UOFC mainly oversees funding for registered undergraduate organizations, but will begin handling policy issues concerning student groups in »

Approaching turnover, council reflects on year

April 4, 2012
By Thursday, the candidates for the new Yale College Council executive board will have submitted their petitions to enter the race for next year’s council. The following Thursday marks the beginning of elections for this new board — and also signals the end of the 2011–’12 board’s tenure. Though current board members, led by YCC »
The YCC plans to expand its summer storage program in light of new storage restrictions.

YCC expands summer storage program

April 3, 2012
The Yale College Council plans to expand its summer storage program in light of tighter summer storage regulations announced last fall. In a pilot program last year, the YCC brought a trailer to campus and subsidized the cost of storing two boxes, one large item and one small item per student. Through a collaboration between »