Nevin and Johnson: Shelter is a moral imperative

November 17, 2008
Winter is a dangerous time. We slip and fall on sidewalks, and our cars skid precariously on ice. But on the cold edges of campus, in the forgotten corners of our busy community, the danger is even more real, and even more hazardous. People freeze to death in our city. This reality acquired an acute »

Summit to celebrate Native Americans

November 30, 2007
The Association of Native Americans at Yale is hosting the 2007 All-Ivy Native Council Summit, a conference that will welcome approximately 65 Native American students attending Ivy League and other nearby universities. The summit, which will begin today and run through Dec. 2,, is intended to foster networking opportunities for Native American students and provide »

Univ. theologians promote religious dialogue

November 26, 2007
A week ago, four Yale Divinity School scholars and administrators issued an affirmative response from the Christian community to the Muslim community’s statement “A Common Word Between Us and You,” a call for a rehabilitated religious dialogue through the use of common principles. On Nov. 18, Divinity School Dean and New Testament professor Harold Attridge »

Af-Am House to host rededication

November 16, 2007
The Afro-American Cultural Center, founded by a group of students in the 1960s, is celebrating the ideals of its founders today. In a formal ceremony, the Af-Am House will rededicate itself to the values of its student founders in an evening that will include alumni presentations, recognition of donor and contractor contributions to the renovated »

Intercultural office unveiled

November 12, 2007
The Yale College Dean’s Office will create an “intercultural/multicultural affairs office” to provide an outlet for students to report grievances of racial harassment or incidents of hate speech, Assistant Dean of Yale College and Director of the Afro-American Cultural Center Pamela George announced in an e-mail to some students Friday. A mission for the office »

Elis discuss Univ.’s challenges in Africa

November 9, 2007
Accompanied by African music, food and a number of empty seats, Yale students and administrators discussed the University’s involvement with Africa at a panel discussion Thursday. The event, held at the Afro-American Cultural House and attended by 10 students, focused on Yale’s educational opportunities for students interested in studying and working in Africa and on »

ID debate questions card’s merit, usefulness

November 8, 2007
Panelists questioned the motivations behind and implications of the Elm City Resident Card program at a Wednesday night debate that was part of the ongoing New Haven Solidarity Week. Approximately 30 Yale students and city residents gathered in the Dwight Hall library to hear a panel of activists and leaders in the community debate the »

Union debate centers on immigrants’ rights

November 6, 2007
New Haven Solidarity Week kicked off Monday amid growing disagreement between Yale’s Local 35 union and an anti-illegal aliens group, which has now brought Yale students and University management into the fray. Thirteen Yale student groups released a statement yesterday condemning a Community Watchdog Project-sponsored petition that calls for the withholding of union dues from »

Campus groups tout ID signups

November 6, 2007
Latin music, Salsa dancing, Mayor John DeStefano Jr. and 200 members of the Yale community kicked off New Haven Solidarity Week in Dwight Hall on Monday evening. The festivities marked the beginning of a five-day series of events aimed at mobilizing Yale students, administrators and faculty members to sign up for the Elm City Municipal »

Casino Night hopes to draw full house for games, glamour

November 2, 2007
Formal dress, roulette tables, a live band and an open bar — Ezra Stiles and Morse colleges’ Casino Night has all the trappings of a classic Yale blowout. According to Yale lore, Rolling Stone Magazine once named Casino Night one of the top college parties in the country. The formal, which will take place Saturday, »

Yalies push for independent ER&M major

October 30, 2007
Enthusiastic about the offerings and applications of the ethnicity, race and migration major, a group of students is pushing for ER&M to become a stand-alone major, citing its importance in a multi-cultural, globalized society. Ten students — including ER&M majors and those in other departments — met Friday to develop a game plan for strengthening »

Jews and Muslims at Yale start blog

October 30, 2007
Yale students with opinions about the relationship between Jews and Muslims now have an online forum in which to air their thoughts. On Sunday night, Jews and Muslims at Yale (JAM) launched a new blog called “Jews, Muslims and Dialogue” that members said they hope will be a vehicle for discussion about issues ranging from »