The Liberation

My sister still goes to my old school. So even though the pandemonium of my last month in high school led me to declare in my journal that, “to burn my bridges would be no great violence,” my bridge remains pretty sturdy. I still hear about which new teachers are hot, who has turned into […]


Bits & Pieces: The wonders of the Yalie superstition

People at Yale are crazy. We work too much and think that talking about how much work we have is interesting and how little of it we are doing is funny. But maybe there is something more interesting about our idiosyncrasies. This reporter set out to explore the strange superstitions Yalies practice from the random […]

Short Feature


They worked together at the college newspaper. She had thought he was kind of freaky at first, he was so short and spindly and bearded, and his fingernails were always longer than they should have been. When he laughed, it was like a tremendous wheeze, and even after knowing him for months, she always felt […]


Norman Mailer, fearing democracy’s last gasps

I arrived late to see Norman Mailer speak at Sudler Hall on September 23rd. I had mixed up literary engagements in my date book and went first instead to Battell Chapel, where Adrienne Rich was scheduled to speak a week later, and found myself confronted with the Christian group “Real Life.” “Where the hell is […]


Sexism in the English Department

Guest Column