U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy, the Democratic nominee for Senate, came to campus Saturday to mobilize Yale students in support of his campaign.

Murphy campaigns at Yale

September 10, 2012
In preparation for November’s general election, the Yale College Democrats began mobilizing this weekend for U.S. Senate Democratic nominee and current U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy. During a registration drive organized by the Dems, a crowd of over 85 Yale students holding hand-painted signs welcomed Murphy as he arrived at Phelps Gate just after 3 p.m. »

Obama campaign hopes to energize New Haven support

September 7, 2012
As Barack Obama took the stage in Charlotte, N.C., to accept the Democratic party’s nomination for president Thursday night, his campaign organized a watch party that drew dozens of New Haven supporters. Around 80 New Haven residents from across the city gathered at 100 York St., in the apartment of Lydia Bornick, executive director of »

Language classes expand remotely

September 5, 2012
Students at Yale, Cornell and Columbia will see new languages taught this fall — but they won’t necessarily meet all the instructors in person. In an effort to expand its language course offerings, Yale’s Center for Language Study is partnering with Columbia and Cornell to offer videoconference-based classes in eight uncommonly taught languages. Each of »
Supporters of Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins’ Alaska statehouse campaign form his initials with their bodies.

En route to political science degree, Kreiss-Tomkins takes a campaign stop

August 31, 2012
After he took a break from Yale in the fall of 2011 to work on a writing project in his hometown of Sitka, Alaska, Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins had to defer graduation by a semester. Now, only one course credit stands between Kreiss-Tomkins and the completion of his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, but his candidacy for »

Bio introduces placement exams

August 29, 2012
Over 200 freshmen wishing to place out of segments of the new year-long Introductory Biology course took a series of placement exams this summer, marking a departure from previous years. In the past, students who majored in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, or Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology were exempt from taking »
Patricia Pessar, professor of American studies and anthropology and co-founder of the ER&M program, died last month at age 63.

Co-founder of ER&M program Pessar dies at 63

June 25, 2012
Patricia Pessar, professor of American studies and anthropology and founder of the Ethnicity, Race and Migration program, died last month after a decade-long battle with cancer. She was 63. A scholar of immigration and social movements in Latin America, Pessar helped forge the interdisciplinary study of issues related to global migration, ethnicity, nationality and race »
Gov. Dannel Malloy visited campus Tuesday to speak at a Yale College Democrats event.

Malloy urges activism at Dems event

April 18, 2012
Prospective freshmen visiting campus for Bulldog Days had the opportunity to meet Gov. Dannel Malloy at a Tuesday night talk in Linsly-Chittenden Hall. The event, sponsored by the Yale College Democrats, drew over 100 admitted students to hear Malloy discuss political activism on campus, the upcoming presidential election and what it means to be a »

Mixing disciplines

April 16, 2012
Every May for the past three decades, about half of Yale College graduates leave the University with a degree in history, economics, English, political science or biology — each of which has been a part of the Yale curriculum since at least the early 1900s. But over the past 15 years, Yale’s undergraduate curriculum has »

YCC | Bryan Epps ’14, events director

April 9, 2012
Whether he is hiking, exploring New Haven’s East Rock or planning YCC projects, YCC events director candidate Bryan Epps ’14 said he knows how to get things done. A current YCC representative for Silliman and co-chair of Silliman College Council, Epps said that, if elected, he will put to use his two-year-long experience in student »
Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson discussed his role in responding to the financial crisis of 2008 at a talk Tuesday.

Paulson issues leadership advice

February 29, 2012
Henry Paulson Jr. reflected on his experiences as U.S. Treasury Secretary and stressed the need for leaders to form strong relationships with colleagues at a Tuesday talk at Sage Hall. Paulson, who served in the administration of George W. Bush ’68 from 2006-’08, told a crowd of more than 100 people that effective leaders must »

Occupy asked to leave the Green

February 20, 2012
If City Hall has its way, Occupy New Haven may soon leave its home on the New Haven Green. Two meetings were held at City Hall on Feb. 8 and Feb. 15 to discuss the future of Occupy New Haven, the anti-economic inequality protest that has been encamped on the Green since mid-October. Members of »

Finance continues to draw Yalies

February 13, 2012
A report compiled by the University’s Office of Institutional Research last June showed that the number of Yalies who had gone into “business and finance” — a category that includes jobs such as banking, real estate, accounting and areas of consulting — had decreased significantly over the past decade. The decline has been mirrored across »
Mayor John DeStefano Jr. described the increase in police presence as a “major budgetary commitment” at Monday’s press conference.