EliApps spam filters snag Yale emails

September 7, 2012 • 728
Students likely have some Yale-related emails sitting in their spam folders due to Google’s tightening of its spam security system over the summer. Google, along with other email services such as Yahoo, began blocking more Yale messages because frequent phishing attacks against Yale email accounts hurt the “reputation” of Yale-affiliated emails last year, said Loriann »

Mac virus hits campus

April 26, 2012 • 4
A computer virus that affects Mac operating systems has spread to Yale’s campus after infecting over 600,000 computers across the world. Roughly 50 students have reported to Information Technology Services that their computers have the Flashback virus, which can go undetected while stealing personal information such as passwords and credit card information saved in files, »
The new Wiimote Whiteboard, operated by Wii remotes, was installed in the Morse-Stiles Crescent theater last week.

New whiteboards to appear in classrooms

April 17, 2012 • 0
A student-led initiative is using standard Wii remotes and free computer software to give classroom projectors the capabilities of a SMART Board at a fraction of the cost. The new technology ­— known as a Wiimote Whiteboard ­— was installed in the Morse-Ezra Stiles theater last Sunday as part of the Yale College Council 10K »

ITS addresses service concerns

April 13, 2012 • 0
Roughly a year after completing its first University-wide survey to determine user satisfaction, Information and Technology Services has made changes to its structure to better serve members of the Yale community. Jane Livingston, director of governance strategy and policy for ITS, said results of the survey — which polled approximately 5,800 Yale students, faculty and »

ITS launches alternative to panlists

April 11, 2012 • 0
Information Technology Services launched a version of Google Groups for its EliApps Gmail service Tuesday that aims to provide a more user-friendly alternative to panlists and mailman groups. Loriann Higashi, manager of the Student Technology Collaborative, said the app, called EliLists, was not released along with EliApps last fall because ITS wanted to test the »

YCC | Joey Yagoda ’14, treasurer

April 9, 2012 • 0
Joey Yagoda ’14 said he can’t wait to start knocking on doors. Throughout this week’s YCC campaign, he said he plans to go door-to-door to speak with “as many people as possible.” Yagoda, who is no stranger to student government at Yale, said his previous involvement with YCC has shaped his platform to emphasize seeking »
Speakers at World Water Week’s opening event discussed the problems that stem from a lack of potable water in the developing world.

Water Week kicks off

March 21, 2012 • 2
“World Water Week” at Yale held its first event Tuesday night with a panel discussion on how an academic framework can help combine education and medical research to fight water diseases. The student group Yale United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is holding several events this week aimed at raising awareness and encouraging discussion about water-related »
According to speakers at a Law School panel, the prevalence of misogynistic and violent themes in hip-hop music is due to the increasing influence of corporate record labels over the past three decades.

Panel outlines changes in hip-hop

February 29, 2012 • 1
Law professors and hip-hop artists joined forces Tuesday to discuss how corporations and marketing have impacted the hip-hop industry. Four experts on the hip-hop industry — Hofstra Law School professor Akilah Folami, Earle Mack School of Law professor Bret Asbury, and rappers Jasiri X and Paradise Gray — analyzed how the hip-hop industry has changed »

ITS finalizing new supercomputer queue

February 21, 2012 • 0
Following the University’s purchase of the “Bulldog O” supercomputer last spring, Information Technology Services is now working to equalize the access that Faculty of Arts and Sciences research groups have to it and the four other supercomputer clusters. In response to increased faculty demand for access to Yale’s high performance computers, a provost-appointed subcommittee drafted »

Email migration waiting on majority of Yalies

February 17, 2012 • 0
Three months after all undergraduates were invited to convert from Yale Horde email to EliApps, Information and Technology Services is still waiting for the majority of students to switch their accounts. Though students have received multiple emails from ITS reminding them to make the switch before the end of the academic year, 60 percent of »

Advocate addresses sex trafficking

February 10, 2012 • 1
Lamont Hiebert, an advocate against sex trafficking, told students Thursday evening that child slavery and sex trafficking occurs not only in Africa but also in Connecticut. Hiebert, co-founder of Love146, a non-profit that seeks to prevent sex trafficking and child slavery, led a presentation in William L. Harkness Hall for seven students about his organization’s »

Classesv2 site extends to smartphones

February 8, 2012 • 1
Information Technology Services is testing a new mobile Classesv2 website that allows students to check syllabi and course readings on their smart phones. Between Jan. 26 through Feb. 3, over 600 students opted to evaluate the alpha version of the site through a survey on Classesv2, said David Hirsch, associate director of Yale’s Center for »