HEALTH COLUMN | King: Drought is damaging our planet

April 8, 2009
The advanced, industrial Anasazi culture of the southwestern United States reached its zenith between 1050 and 1125 A.D., before experiencing a dramatic collapse. No written record exists that explains this phenomenon. Climatic evidence, however, points to significant weather changes, such as the Great Drought. The Southwest is once again experiencing a Great Drought; evidence from »

HEALTH COLUMN | King: Innovation needed in food technology

March 4, 2009
An estimated 9 billion humans will live on Earth in 2050, effectively adding two Chinas to our current population. Meanwhile, international food reserves are dangerously precarious — reportedly at their lowest levels since World War II — a situation further exacerbated by the conversion of arable lands into palm oil and soya plantations that feed »

King: Watch out for Lyme disease

December 3, 2008
Lyme disease, dubbed one of the “deadly dozen” by a recent Wildlife Conservation Society report, could skyrocket as global shifts in temperature and precipitation transform ecosystems. Vector-borne diseases such as Lyme are transmitted to humans by insects, and they, like the insects that act as the vectors, tend to be specific to a distinct ecosystem. »

King: Malaria may return with global warming

October 29, 2008
Malaria is the most fatal of infectious diseases. Its daily death toll tops the number of casualties on Sept. 11th, 2001 and dwarfs the combined mortalities from AIDS and Tuberculosis. Americans are increasingly aware of the magnitude of this scourge. More and more elementary schools, church groups and bar mitzvahs are donating their collections to »