KIM: Diversity at Spring Fling

March 27, 2015 • 0
The committee’s primary function is to give us a good concert.

KIM: Promote dance at Yale

February 27, 2015 • 0
Dancing is different.

KIM: Interrogate your ideas

February 16, 2015 • 0
Coming to Yale, I acknowledged that I was, more or less, pretty stupid.

KIM: How to be offended

January 30, 2015 • 0
Don’t worry, this article isn’t about getting offended.

KIM: In the face of criticism

January 16, 2015 • 0
Beyond the murk and the controversies and the reactionary sentiments surrounding the tragedy, one particular aspect of the Charlie Hebdo attacks stands out to me: the courage it takes to express one’s views, and the value of such courage.

KIM: Not the solution

November 20, 2014 • 0
Do I think that abandoning affirmative action — that “forgetting” about race in the application process — is the route colleges ought to take? In short, no.

KIM: Before voting

November 6, 2014 • 0
Voting is central to our democracy. But if you are not an informed citizen, then you should not vote.
Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 2.28.35 AM

KIM: Encourage language study

October 16, 2014 • 0
We should make the option of continuing a second language more accessible. By eliminating Friday L4 language classes, we would give upper-level language courses a fighting chance.
Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 1.49.26 AM

KIM: Give hip-hop its due

October 2, 2014 • 0
If we’re going to invite more uncontroversial artists such as Hoodie Allen, then we need to reevaluate what we call the artists we choose to invite. It would be a form of cultural insensitivity to keep on calling them, even in casual conversation, our “hip-hop” acts.

KIM: End the word “townies”

September 18, 2014 • 0
Let’s face it: “Townie” doesn’t mean “New Haven local.”

KIM: Reaffirm the ice bucket challenge

September 5, 2014 • 0
Critics of the ice bucket challenge may forget that ultimately, in evaluating the effectiveness of a charity effort, the beneficiary is far more important than the donor.

KIM: Don’t judge finance

March 24, 2014 • 0
It seems like whenever someone tells me that they are going into consulting or hedge-fund work, they often add in the phrase “which I guess is pretty common” — as if they have to apologize for what they’re doing.